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Sandringham do not need stkilda. Stkilda must be the most successful club in australia. One flag by a point since 1897. Go alone zebras. Not easy but you will eventually get there. Willy, port, coburg, frankston, north ballarat and hopefully sandy the sixth standalone vfa club.



sounds like KH knows somebody who is continually negative to the sandy footy club. I wonder who that can be?


BTW Im not KH as You snidely mention.I could also ask are you Mennie in disguise

My opinions as a Sandringham Supporter are my opinions and I will state them again IE mainly that John Mennie has been in the job way too long and it looks like he is putting his own personal interests ahead of the clubs long term existence by allowing St Kilda to take over our once proud club by stealth - we all know what that looks like with Preston and Box Hill.
There is an old saying its better to die fighting for what you believe in than give up weakly

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billy it is NOT YOU!!!


Wally from Will...
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Sandy should cut St Kilda adrift if they can afford to go it alone, what's being talked about seems like the thin edge of the wedge to me, once they start playing games at Moorabbin in a St Kilda jumper you may as well pull the shutters down ....


Have heard some scary reports about what this deal might look like, which sound very much like Carlton and Preston to be honest. I'm just praying it isn't true.

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From what I can gather, the retention of the Development League is crucial to Sandy. Cut the DL and that leaves Sandy in a precarious position if we're still in an alignment. Be very difficult to continue with only a handful of Sandy players required. We got some good players to the club this year in anticipation of going alone in 2017.Without a DL, players will leave. How many players do we try and keep without the DL?

Worrying times ahead

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

billy the kid
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Have heard some scary reports about what this deal might look like, which sound very much like Carlton and Preston to be honest. I'm just praying it isn't true.


If that becomes true then you will see me and I suspect many of the few sandy supporters that are still following the club disappear.
Its just a sneaky way for St Kilda to have a full reserves side on the cheap a few years down the track and the Sandringham Football Club to fade into history

What an inglorious way to finish for a once great local community club!
Oh the irony - remember it was St Kilda who killed off the 1963 VFA premiers by taking over their home ground at Linton Street.
The good thing is to see ST Kilda in their usual place grovelling at the bottom of the ladder Well they do have 43 wooden spoons and only 1 premiership in 139 years and I dont see anything changing in the future to prove my point.
I always knew getting involved with a bastard club like St Kilda would turn out badly.

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Saintringham or sandkilda. Hope it never eventuates. Preston bullants and box hill mustangs long gone. If st kilda wants to go alone then go alone and pay the full fee.


SANDRINGHAM will go into 2017 with not only a new alignment with St Kilda, but a new senior coach.

Paul Hudson will step away from football at the end of the season, citing family reasons.

After succeeding Simon McPhee at the end of 2014, the former AFL forward steered Sandy to a preliminary final last year, in the process being named VFL coach of the year. The Zebras are also in contention for a top-four finish this season.

Hudson joined St Kilda’s coaching staff in 2011 and assisted McPhee at Sandringham before becoming senior coach.

Zebras general manager John Mennie said the club was disappointed it would be losing Hudson, but understood his reasons and wished him well.

He said Hudson (right) had made a significant contribution to the club.

“Hopefully we can have a good crack at the flag. It would be a great way to send him out,’’ Mennie said.

“We’ll certainly miss him. He’s a fantastic person as well as being a very good coach.’’

He said the club would liaise with the Saints about replacing Hudson.

Meanwhile it’s believed Sandringham and St Kilda have signed off a new alignment deal.

Central to the extension is Sandringham agreeing to play two home games at Moorabbin each year once the redevelopment is completed.

This is an article from the Bayside leader




The last bit is the beginning of thee nd of the SFC esp if they are forced to wear St Kilda jumpers! 

Sad times for lifelong supporters supporters like me Mennie is in cloud cookoo land if he thinks the current side can win the flag They wil be lucky to win one finals game even if its played at TBO where they have lost their past two matches

.Had Mccartin been avaiable then they may have been a chance to advance.