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VFL Round 9


Sydney vs Gold Coast at Tramway Oval 11:05am  Kayo

GWS Giants vs Aspley at Blacktown International Sports Park 12:05pm Kayo

Byes - All Other Teams


State Government has decided not to give the AFL an exception run state league games in Melbourne this  weekend so No VFL or VFLW games. Just the 2 games in Sydney 


Half Time

GWS 6-7(43)

Aspley 2-8(20)


Joel Jeffery kicks a goal on the final siren to give Gold Coast Suns a 3 point win at Tramway Oval

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3 Quarter Time

GWS 10-10(70)

Aspley 7-10(52)


Riccardo has kicked 6 goals for GWS

Hammelman has kicked 4 goals for Aspley


Final Score

GWS 17-12(114)

Aspley 9-11(65)


Riccardi finished with 8.4 for GWS

Hammelman 6.2 for Aspley


Quarter by Quarter Stats after Round 9

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Hopefully we get news of a further easing of restrictions and footy should be back next weekend. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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No AFL Games in Melbourne Both being moved to Tasmania

Geelong vs Western Bulldogs Friday Night Game playing at Geelong with No Crowds
So not looking good for some VFL Football this weekend

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Locktoria here we go again. Thousands would have departed Melbourne and flocked interstate to live over the past 12 months. Melbourne cbd place to be LOL. More life in mars. Vfl no spectators ? They can't stop anyone from watching a game of footy if there is no fence. I'll watch my old team Richmond central on Saturday. 


Sorry vfa but Im not as pesimistic the football will survive.The VFA was shut during both world wars and bounced back pretty quickly.

 I hope the people/whingers going from Victoria don't come back as will make if a better place for the rest of us to live and Melbourne/Victoria will bounce back quickly after the worlwide pandemic is over in a couple years or so just like it has before!