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2017 VFL Womens - Grand Final teams


Grand Final – 24/09/2017


Diamond Creek

B: 4. T. Hetherington, 23. L. Morecroft, 10. R. Hicks

HB: 17. S. Chiocci, 7. K. Hicks, 13. E. Grant

C: 44. L.  Brazzale, 18. S.  Audley, 9. L.  Williams

HF: 38. A. Barden, 26. K. Harrington, 15. K. Loynes

F: 22. J. Kennedy, 2. B. Grech, 52. C. Molloy

R: 80. A. Downie, 5. K. Lamb, 42. A. Riddell

Int: 3. S. Abbatangelo, 1. L. Duryea, 25. J. Graham, 24. A. Saxton

Emg: 53. H. Bullas, 8. C. Fitzpatrick, 30. D. Haines, 66. G. Harvey, 21. A. Morcom


In: G. Harvey, H. Bullas, D. Haines, J. Graham, K. Hicks, A. Saxton

Out: C. Bernardi



Darebin Falcons

B: 8. E. Birch, 14. M. McDonald, 21. K. Roe

HB: 10. G. Lawson-Tavan, 40. L. Pearce, 4. K. Paxman

C: 2. N.  Callinan, 18. M.  Hickey, 11. K.  Tyndall

HF: 13. L. Arnell, 16. K. Brennan, 19. E. Marinoff

F: 30. E. O’Dea, 34. S. Egan, 17. S. Simpson

R: 41. A. O’Connor, 6. D. Pearce, 12. J. Dal pos

Int: 27. S. Hogan, 43. A. Lister, 1. E. Oliver, 23. A. Reynolds

Emg: 36. C. Byrne, 32. G. Colvin, 47. E. Gardner, 22. G. Hammond, 39. K. McNiece


In: K. McNiece, S. Hogan, G. Hammond, C. Byrne, G. Colvin

Wally from Will...
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Anyone watching this? 35-20 under the roof with 10 minutes to go in the game, the crowd doesn't look huge

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no wally outside watching the grass grow. waiting for the real stuff to begin good luck to the burra 


Wally from Will...
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lol, good one clarry, like AFLW the endeavour can't be questioned but the skill level & resultant low scores are always an issue with women's footy, hopefully it will improve over time