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2018 VFL - R2 - Footscray v Coburg


Round 2 – 14/04/2018


Victoria University Whitten Oval


B: 36. B. Lynch, 18. F. Roberts, 37. R. Smith

HB: 30. F. Greene, 2. L. Young, 54. R. William

C: 27. P.  Lipinski, 58. M.  Goodyear, 28. C.  Porter

HF: 40. N. Mullenger-Mchugh, 17. T. Boyd, 50. J. Prudden

F: 23. J. Roughead, 66. A. Monfries, 13. J. Schache

R: 15. T. Campbell, 19. L. Webb, 60. A. Tashevski-Beckwith

Int: 64. A. Bruhn, 51. L. Dalgleish, 55. A. Greenwood, 56. W. Hayes, 61. L. Nash, 53. L. Sullivan, 68. D. Symeopoulos, 67. J. Wallis

23P: 65. N. Hamad


In: J. Roughead, J. Schache, A. Bruhn, A. Greenwood, N. Hamad, D. Symeopoulos

Out: S. Biggs,  J. Patullo




B: 28. C. Byrne, 10. S. Gregory, 17. L. Dickson

HB: 9. N. Blair, 7. J. Belo, 2. J. Corigliano

C: 32. B.  Cannolo, 1. B.  Allan, 3. H.  Kerbatieh

HF: 42. M. Lentini, 25. A. Tilley, 18. S. Lowson

F: 5. R. Exon, 27. J. Svarc, 37. J. Murphy

R: 29. T. Goodwin, 26. L. Hunt, 8. N. Mellington

Int: 13. T. Condon, 16. J. Fox, 36. J. Guthrie, 15. J. Iacobaccio, 43. H. Nolan, 39. J. Page, 4. T. Wallis, 33. J. Weightman

23P: 44. M. Mitchell-Russell


In: T. Condon, J. Weightman, H. Nolan, C. Byrne


Ron Burger
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Last 9 goals to Footscray turned a competitive game up until late in the third term) into an absolute processsion. 

Hope other stand alones have a better time of it this weekend. I’m off to destroy a 6 pack of Coburg Lagers and yell at the TV tonight. 

Wally from Will...
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All good down here in Williamstown Ron, a good win ground out in extremely trying conditions.

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Footscray   2.0  4.3  10.5  17.11 (113)
Coburg   1.5  1.6  4.8  4.8 (32)

Footscray: Boyd 5 Nash 3 Campbell 2 Lipinski 2 Goodyear 2 Monfries 2 Prudden 
Coburg: Fox  Kerbatieh  Wallis  Cannolo 

Footscray: Boyd Prudden Webb Lynch Young Campbell
Coburg: Exon Gregory Dickson Lowson Blair

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Hopefully the burgers will learn from that.

Ron Burger
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What’s to be learnt? 

Backline were supreme under enormous pressure all day. Come the last 5 mins of the 3rd term, the dam broke and the flood commenced.

Frankston eventually wilted against Box Hill and Werribee slumped late against Casey.

It’s 12-14 full timers and some talented part timers against 22 part timers. That only changes with AFL listed injuries. 

Well done on Port and Willy for chalking up their first wins, but as at rd 2 the stand alones are 2W / 8L. 


And last year the premiers and minor premiers were stand alones. The current doom and gloom is ridiculous. Werribee in their first year standing alone are showing you don't need a massive budget to be competitive. Impressed with the way they are going about it.

Ron Burger
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Be realistic paul.

I’m sure you weren’t happy being in the end of 10+ goal floggings last season - so why should we accept it this year? 

5 stand alones. Two strong, two weak and one apparently competitive but yet to win a game. 

Is that realistic? 


Yes, two strong, two weak and one in the middle seems very balanced. Yet to know where Port and Werribee will lie, but both will be competitive. It's tough for Frankston first year back, and Coburg are struggling, and struggled badly last year. That however is a reflection of Coburg's situation, not on stand alones in general.