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Great news. Sounds like the right man for the job.

The club has organised a meeting for its members for information/discussion  with the club directors and the appointed administrators on Tues 13 September at 7pm in the Davis Room at FFC function centre.

Really good move keeping the members in the loop.


Can you send him to Sandringham when he's done. Good honest management may be able to save us too


You are not wrong. Succesful clubs start with management

Seems to have gone very quiet on the Saints takeover front maybe the members including the players taking a cue from the passionate captain I hope so

It would be interesting to hear what Bayside Council think of this move by the premier sporting club in the area afrerall they via the ratepayers actually own the Beach Road Oval.

the current Pres Cororan is only a disgraced ex Essendon AFL blowin and dosent want to do the hard yards if the club was to go it alone.

BTW Clarrie what happens to the Social Club does it get taken over by St kilda as well?


Meeting tomorrow at 7pm.


hoping for some good news too much bad news floating around?


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I doubt we will have muchidea which way this will go until the creditors meet with the administrators in a couple of weeks time. We will know then if its sink or swim. They have the power to bury Frankston FC. I believe that Tabcorp is the major creditor and the future  will probably  hinge on what deal if any can be done with them.


I don't think Ron Gauci will wait long to meet with the major creditors, if he hasn't already, but it could still be a little while before any details are made public. Just more of the wait and see game unfortunately. 

Ron Burger
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This may not be the end of the road but given the year-by-year existence of Development League football, and the St Kilda Zebras coming into being, the future of stand alone VFL footy south of the CBD seems bleak.



Whilst we (proudly) run on the smell of an oily rag, we do engage with the local community and have worked very hard to strengthen the Cannons alignment and pick the eyes out of EDFL and NFL young talent. 


We see Sandringham and Franskton plough their local sporting club grants into refurbishment of infrastructure, whilst the Richmond alignment called the shots with our hand out and pumped it into RAMs arena leaving Piranha Park stuck in the 1960s.


i don't see the Coburg board crying it's all too hard and we should shut up shop.


Maybe we are made of sterner stuff in the northern suburbs? 

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If Coburg can pick up Liam McBean and a few other players to bolster their lineup for next season they will go close to making the finals. The aim should be to play finals in the next year or two. Keep the majority of the list and try to slowly build a reasonable side. They have done well over the last 2 seasons. Form dropped off slightly towards the end but were stiff early on dropping several close games. Coburg have good work ethic. 


Meeting is ongoing 


huge turnout

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Very good turnout.


only early days but certainly positive about Dolphins being around in 2017 and beyond