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Looking at that powerpoint presentation photo you uploaded it looks like they are on the right track Robbo.

Simple tasks/goals that are achievable..  Hopefully the mood leaving the meeting was upbeat.

Its a huge area in Melbourne, hopefully some good big name sponsors can get involved.

Membership in the off season might be listed as a priority (as it always is), but what have crowds been like Robbo?  I thought the Frankston v Port game was very well attended.

Re-engaging with the MNPFL and building a good playing list is a must.  What were the deficiencies this season in terms of key personnel that you would need to look for in 2017? 


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Hopefully this will be the start for the road back for frankston on and off the field.

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One thing that hasnt been mentioned much is that they have to become competitive on field. The crowds will come and memberships will be bought if they can start winning games. Who wants to watch a team who can only win 2  games for the year? There is a plethora of football teams in the Frankston area and the locals will go to see their local team in preference to the higher level team getting its arse kicked every week.

No idea if the players have been paid for this year... we can only pray that they have, because another mass walkout  will make it impossible.



Players at Frankston are paid twice per year and have received their mid-year payment from what I’m told. End of year payment usually happens in November but that is obviously subject to the administration process now.

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Ron Burger
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Holy  Fruit Machine Bearsman that is a hell of a lot of sausage sizzles they need to get back to square. 


$1.5m in debt with an annual turnover of less than half that I'm guessing 

that's pretty poor financial management. 

Time of death? 

Im calling it now. 


Yes it sounds a lot. Stop talking rubbish, I wish people would stop talking the club down.

But I am confident we will have a side out there in 2017



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Ron gauci will get the dolphins going. He did a great job with melbourne storm. It is a process that takes time and not fixed overnight. I got no doubt that the dolphins will survive.

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We might have to prepare for life after the Dolphins Robbo. This is one hell of a hole they have dug for themselves. Ron Gauci's plan is simple enough. Cut a deal with the creditors - he will offer them shitpence in the dollar -  increase memberships by 25% and increase sponsorship by $100k. 
Who knows if the creditors will accept getting almost nothing of what they're owed, then have to sit back and watch Frankston carry on and go about business as if nothing happened. I wouldnt be too happy if it was me.
If the creditors agree to terms and let Frankston trade on a 25% increase in memberships is absolutely doable. I will be buying 3 instead of one for a start.
100k in extra sponsorship will take some doing. They could sell the name of Frankston Park for a start. Possible options would be companies who's businesses tie in with the function centre, or even try the corporate bookies with their massive advertising budgets. If they can be convinced enough people visit Frankston Oval during the year they might pay something for it. Maybe the AFL would be interested in having an AFL Park on the Mornington Peninsula? Employing commission based sales people to canvass business could be an option also. Seems to work for power companies. 
If they can overcome this hurdle, huge changes will need to be made at this club. You dont go broke twice in two years because of bad luck. Whats the point of carrying on if the same thing is going to happen in a couple of years? New people doing new jobs are required, it has to be run as a business, not as a 1980's football club.