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President Jenny Bromley says she hasn't heard of any vote on leaving the VFL for this Monday night: 

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Looks like my beloved old comp is in it's death throes,don't want to be an alarmist but I'm hearing Port not travelling all that well either.

Who knows how many clubs will be around this time next year.

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Paul, North Ballarat people would take that statement with a grain of salt. 

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From twitter
North Ballarat ‏@NBRoosters · 2h2 hours ago

The Roosters would also like to annouce that senior players @BigO_37, @AndrewJHooper12 and Lachie George re-signed for 2017 last night.

North Ballarat ‏@NBRoosters · 2h2 hours ago
We can confirm we will remain in the @VFL in 2017, our 21st year in the competition.

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Pleasing to hear the Roosters will be around in 2017. I enjoy a day at the chookhouse



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All my prayers have been answered.
Next step to rid the remainder of the rabble !!
The turkey will never taste juicier than tomorrow.
Cheers to all once again.

Wilson after a return as North Ballarat chairman

The man who served as chairman through a golden period in the North Ballarat Football Club’s history is seeking a return to his former post.

Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson is looking to take charge of the vacant chairman’s position at the club and hopes to lead a group of new members – which he has recruited – to the board.

Wilson, who held the role during the Roosters’ three-straight Victorian Football League triumphs in the late 2000s, told The Courier he hopes the transition can be a seamless one.

However, he didn’t reveal the names of the potential new board members he wishes to introduce.

Wilson said he has spoken to interim chairman Shaune Moloney and informed him of his intentions to stand for the position.

He also wants Moloney to remain part of the board.

“The aim is to really come to a new vision and a new focus for the football club,” Wilson said.

“Obviously, the fact that the club has been on the front page and the back page of (The Courier) for much of this year is not a good thing. You like to be in the paper for the right reasons – that you’re winning football and doing good things.

“I felt compelled to seek out others’ views as to whether they felt that there was a need to do something and obviously that view has emerged.”

Wilson said his group of people is committed and interested in the community and the importance of the club at all levels, particularly in the VFL.

“We see the need to embrace the community in a much broader way,” he said.

Wilson revealed he has a pledge of in excess of $100,000 that can be made available to the club.

“(They’re saying) if me and my group of people are put back in charge then that money will be there,” he said.

“And that is because they want the club to succeed, they want the VFL to succeed and they however want to see good governance.”

Wilson’s decision to seek a place back on the board follows news earlier this week that chairman Jenny Bromley, as well as fellow board members Peter Carey and Simon Gilbert, had stepped down from their roles.

Gary Buckenara was also told this week his position of general manger of football is redundant.

Wilson said he isn’t keen to dwell on the past and what might have gone wrong.

“The factions, the agenda issues are a major distraction,” he said.

“We’ve got a terrific club, operating in a regional city where we’ve produced a lot of talent and continue to do so. It’s very important for the community that we continue to exist.”


We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Sacked Buckenara tells all about Roosters

By Daniel Short


Former North Ballarat Roosters general manager of football Gary Buckenara believes the imminent appointment of a new CEO and the financial strain on the club led to his dismissal from the Roosters.

Buckenara said it costs between $1.6-1.8m to run a VFL program properly and the club was bringing in just over $1million – leaving a sizeable financial gap to bridge, upward of $500,000.

Buckenara said the decision came as a shock to the Hawthorn premiership player and felt all positions at the club were vulnerable and the club’s bursting budget and financial instability meant his position was made redundant.


“Anything like that does come as a shock and surprise, but given the financial situation of the club all positions were vulnerable - they’ve got to try and make ends meet,” Buckenara said.

“Adding a new CEO, CEO’s don’t come cheap these days, so they had to weigh up ‘how are we going to be able to manage this if we keep the current staff?’ and then they looked at the positions and mine became the most vulnerable.”

The Roosters will unveil a new-look board in 2017 following the departure of five former board members.

Buckenara believed the only way the club could become financially viable was to introduce some business-minded people onto the board and get a board that could work together.

He felt the previous board had “vested interests” and was riddled with “infighting” culminating to a financial nose-dive and leaving the club in crisis.

“One of the biggest challenges I’ve found is the lack of stability and leadership, in terms of everyone getting on with the job of making the club great. Too many people have got vested interests on the board and have made it a pretty unstable environment in terms of infighting, rather than everyone getting on with it and working together.

“My hope is that the club can attract some really good business-type people with diverse backgrounds that can come on and make a difference and assist the club.

“To me, if they can get the board structure right - there might be a few hard years that people will have to understand - (but) there’s a tremendous future there.”






Im on a roll Rocker !!!


We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Haven't seen you this happy since 2010, Digs. ;-)

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Question for those in the know:

Are clubs like Coburg (in particular), Port and Williamstown really spending $1.6-1.8m on their football operations?


that sounds like a lot.

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Like the cat that got the canary Paul.

I think that 2008 was the the clubs zenith !!!!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green