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Wonder what the other 4 clubs in sandy, box hill and northern blues and casey have in plan ?

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In terms of player develpoment and opportunities getting rid of DL is the worst possible descion that could be made. VFA mentioned Nic Newman, he spent a full year in DL before he got his chance, another was Matthew Boyd of Footscray drafted from Frankston, didnt play a senior game only DL, but went on to become All Australian 2009, Footscray B&F winner, and captain of Footscray. How are these kids going to get noticed if they are forced to play for Woori Yallock seconds?? What about all the kids from TAC Cup. Where are they going to play? Lets hope the geniuses that make these decisions have an alternative to the DL to offer the clubs.

I can only see one solution for Sandy, Casey, Box Hill, Preston. Go stand alone. Its better to die fighting on your feet, than to live on your knees.

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With respect, Matty Boyd is nearly 35 and played DL for Frankston way back in 2000/2001. 

Footy has changed a fair bit since then! 

TAC Cup transition to higher level footy will no doubt receive more attention from AFL Vic than was the case given they have eliminated the old pathway.

I look forward to see what changes are planned to ensure 18/19 year olds who aren't quite up to senior VFL footy don't get lost to elite level footy. 


The list of names who cut their teeth in devt league before being drafted is long (and I guess the point about Boydy is if he went back to local footy in 2001 does he ever make it out?):

Boyd, Tory Dickson, Adam Saad, Dane Rampe, Sam Dwyer, Nic Newman, Sam Collins, Dylan Van Unen, Marcus Marigliani, Sam Gibson, Cam Pedersen, Lukas Markovic, Tim Smith, Andrew Gallucci, Alex Silvagni and I'm sure some others I've missed.
Then there's the guys who played there after being drafted before kicking on like James Sicily, Linden Dunn, Matthew Bate, Tim O'Brien and Taylor Duryea, along with Connor Glass who makes his debut this week for Hawthorn.

That's not even mentioning the guys who go on to become VFL stars or go back to local footy as star players and/or coaches and help modernise the way those clubs are teaching and playing. 

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Reckon the VFL will cop a huge backlash from all angles. Grim Reaper and crew have made a massive decision that will effect Victorian Football.  


Interestingly St Kilda are set to takeover Seaford's VFLW license & Casey will takeover Cranbourne's license, poses the question as what role of any the stand-alone clubs will have with VFLW,


It's going to be a bit odd having the St Kilda Sharks and the St Kilda Saints in the same league. Or are the Sharks in danger of losing their lisence too?

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About a year and a half ago I bumped into a fellow Port supporter down the street and made a comment like...

"It's time for Port and the old VFA clubs to jump ship. The axe is coming soon, best to leave on own terms with at least some strength, than to be shoved out the door or worse, fold".


The worse thing would be to go to the regional suburban leagues, where you'd be just another club, and without juniors, you'd be a ticking timebomb.

Still, a breakaway VFA wouldn't be able to survive with just five or six clubs.

My best bet is the old VFA clubs (with no AFL alignment) talk as a group to the VAFA, about a pseudo-merger. That is, all of them would come into Premier A of the comp immediately. 

Yes, there's downsides of no player payments meaning most footballers would go, and no beer served during the seniors which would upset a few supporters (although could be over turned as part of talks), but at least the rivalries would be kept and you'd be playing against other passionate clubs.


Whatever way, a decision has to be made sooner rather than later, cause the axe will swing again soon.

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Grim reaper has one agenda. We know what that is. He makes ross oakley look like a saint. Not sure what the solution is but no not the vafa as i cannot see the old vfa clubs playing as amateurs. If they can form some league with sanfl and wafl teams would be the go but logistics and finances make it very hard. The other alternate is for the wafl, sanfl, tfl and old vfa clubs to run own comps and to coincide to finish their comps on same weekend then over next 2 weekends semi finals with 2 winners in an australian state wide champion final. Determining the top 4 from winners from each state premiers rank them 1 to 4 from percentage of games won. Then 1 v 4 2 v 3. Higher rank play at home. Probably long long odds but food for thought. What other solutions is there ? 2020 won't see vfl the way it is now. Sanfl do not want crows and wafl does not want peel and royals aligned either. Sad states of affairs.