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One rumour i heard luke hodge captain coach of frankston in 2018 ??

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Paul, dropped into the mcg last night and yes players like conor glass and co that have played at box hill have surely come through the system well. Amazing turnaround and they have been fast tracked. Even way back in the 70s players like dipper and tuck pkayed lots of reserves game. No other competition has seniors only and no reserves in this country. We will see how it pans next year.


At Sandringham there's a group formed to take over control of the club & ridding itself from the St.Kilda parasites. It consists of a current committee member, 3 ex premiership players & financial backing. Due to the recent developments this will go through unopposed 



Great news KH,as Edward 1st famously quipped in the 1200s,"a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd".

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Well that is fantastic news.

Sandringham.. Too good of a club to just be erased in a mock amalgamation/take-over.

As much as I despised Nick Sautner, I always had a respect for the Zebs, which has been missing for quite a few years.

Now the hard work will really begin to engage with the community, getting them on side for what will be one hell of a fight.


When will we hear more?



Well expressed NP,I'm sure the locals will get behind the club,that is if they want it to survive and prosper.

Just wonder where this leaves St Kilda as theres no new iicences granted for next season?

Hope they dont come knocking on Frankston's door


Who cares where it leaves St Kilda? Im sure the would dump Sandy if it suited them

Lucky the Zebs apparently dont have a signed agreement so can get out when ever they want to.The current board are past their used by date most are in their 60s and 70s The club needs new blood with new ideas to become great again in their own right..

I will pump some dough in when this comes to fruition but not if the club stays with the Saints There should be many ex Zebra supporters like me and you would think plenty of ex players and local businesses as well ready to help same as Frankston has done.But first lets see it happen..


My thoughts are exactly the same NorthPort almost as if I had written it myself !!!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Fantastic news! Lets hope it goes through.

Would love to see Frankston v a stand alone Sandringham next year.

It would be funny if St Kilda reserves players had nowhere to play and had to go back to local footy, but if St Kilda wants to field a side in the VFL next year it will happen, despite the grim reaper saying no more licences will be considered.

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should sandy walk away from the alignment there will be NO NEW LICENCE for us to play ANYWHERE next year FACT. i have read the email from afl victoria so i hope KH your mates have done their homework! there is a meeting with the saints next week so i hope for the clubs sake it will have a happy mutual resolution. until then i think a few posters should stop the speculation. heres hoping CLARRY