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Dolphins are B.I.T.!!!!

Yes, it's still March, yes it's a practice match, but today Frankston knocked over last year's premiers 17.5-107 to 12.14-86......highlighted by a withering 8 goal third quarter to turn around a 27 point deficit. That was the most composed performance I have witnessed from a Frankston team in 10 years, and I'm buggered if I'm keeping a lid on it. Not only are we back in town, we're gonna cause some serious problems this season! Oh, and watch out for Aroysio Ferriera (sp?).....undoubtedly the new cult hero of the hill.


Any win is a good win Cutter.

Well  done to all. Will certainly give the club a great boost.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Cheers Digs, I don't want to get too carried away, but there was much about how they went about the game that gives great cause for optimism. Third quarter they scored 8 goals to the beach end of the ground......I don't think they scored 8 at that end for the entire 2016 season haha. Port played with good attack at the pill and the player, and our boys absorbed it and then turned the heat up a notch. That composure when facing a deficit has not been a hallmark of Frankston teams for the past ten years. To think that this type of performance is coming from a team that have basically played 3 matches together is pretty phenomenal. Anyway, enough of me waxing lyrical. Can't wait for the real stuff to start. It's great to just have a Frankston team back on the park, let alone producing performances like that. Cutter is a happy man :)

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There sure was a lot to like about Frankston. Its only a practice game of course and obviously Port were not fully switched on,except for Khan who had a day out,  but wasnt it good to see a Dolphins side that was competitive (actually more than competitive)? Toey hit the nail on the head - composure under pressure was outstanding and finally they appear to have players who can hit their targets and put the ball to the advantage of their team mates.

Really taken with the coach and his quarter and three quater time speeches. Kept it simple, made it clear what he wanted and where they could improve. Really good stuff. Great to see club legend Normie Clarke on the coaching team. this year.

The forward line may the problem for a while. With no Todd Elton there is not much height, hopefully he can get back by round nine as hoped.

Frankston play Casey on Good Friday in the final practice match. Likely to be a very strong Casey/Melb side, so this will be a good guide.


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Didn't get to the game but huge result for Frankston and should help build some confidence for the season proper. Would love to see them up and about in 2018!


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Well done Dolphins!
Hope you have a great year, both for your sake, and for the comp.