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Frankston Season 2022

The way the season ended, with heartbreak after a very good performance against Richmond, kind of summed up the year for the Dolphs.

From 18 games, 6 wins, 8 losses by less than five goals, 4 losses by a kick. The club was not far off challenging for finals this year, just a few moments here and there.

Wins over Essendon, North Melb, Carlton and Geelong meant a 4-5 record against AFL reserve teams, but 0-3 against aligned clubs and particularly 2-4 against stand alone clubs really hurt. The losses to Coburg and Port were low points.

While 6-12 is a bit disappointing, I don't think it reflects the level of footy the team played. A percentage of 92.6 tells a better story, the club's best over a full season since 2008, backing up last year's 103.8 in 11 games.

The playing group obviously needs more time together to better grasp the decision-making needed in their game style, but I think when they have got it right it looks effective.The challenge is always keeping the core group together, fingers crossed the majority will stay.

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Pretty good assessment Paul I reckon. My son and I were discussing this on the way home from Punt Road and agreed that the boys had been extremely entertaining this year and that the win/loss record didn't really seem indicative of the quality of their footy. Yes, again lapses in effort/focus have cost them, particularly against Port and Coburg, and lack of poise probably cost them against Casey, Brisbane, Richmond and Gold Coast which all could easily have been wins. 

Looking towards 2023 there is a lot to like about the list as it is......though Josh Newman leaving to captain coach Mornington has me baffled and disappointed. He and Will Fordham have become a midfield menace for most clubs including those with AFL talent, and it remains to be seen whether someone can step into that role that he has played so well. Connor Riley or Trent Mynott look possibles to do that, and hopefully the club can continue its' excellent recruiting from the past couple of summers to unearth a couple more midfield bulls. I think Max Williams is a solid foundation down back and Brodie McLaughlin up forward with Blake O'Leary crumbing the packs reminds me a bit of the old Edwards/Berry combination if they can continue developing together. As always, it's gonna be about list retention at Frankston. Let's hope Danny can keep the majority together and build on what has been a great couple of years of setting the foundations. The club deserves to reap some rewards for all the effort that's been put in.

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One thing I really like is the physical conditioning of the group. You can tell they are committed to the weight room so they can compete with AFL-listed players. Hopefully that commitment means they are hungry to stay around and do better.

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The Dolphins showed that when they are on, their best footy is just about the equal of any team in the comp and they are not far off being a finals team. Consistency and increased intensity fell away at times and must improve for next year. We also have a few players who dont take the game on enough - by that I mean when being tackled or pressured their instinct is to handball  to the first player they see, even if they are in a worse position and the turnover occurs. Hopefully these guys take a leaf from the Fordham, Newman, Mynott and Duman book and try and break some of the tackles, and back themselves in to get a kick or handball to set something up.

We all know, and most teams are in the same boat,  that we need some big bodied experienced key players at both ends of the ground, but they are hard to find, so it will be a big challenge for the coaches to find a suitable gamestyle if they cant recruit what we need. We will probably need a ruckman too, I reckon Reidy will get picked up - he's not an AFL player yet but he has improved a lot throughout the year and has unlimited potential. For a guy his size he is unbelievably clean below his knees and at ground level.

It will be important that a few of the kids tried this year improve next year. A couple that didnt play much but really caught the eye were Florent and Nanya, and Shannon looked ok before he got hurt. Will Walker looked like being our best forward before he was injured and I hope they make keeping him a priority.

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Good points Bearsman. I don't think it should be underestimated how much the past two years hurt the stand alone teams, whose programs were really badly disrupted. Consistency is the key in building a good team, hopefully another pre-season to build on what they did well this year will allow the Dolphs (and others) to start better next year.

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I have always been surprised that Frankston FC was/is not one of the powerhouses of the VFA/VFL.

It has a massive area all to itself a large Social Club and good local support = what is the main problem holding the club back any answers Robbo,Paul?