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Port Melbourne AGM

I will be unable to attend this year. So I am relying on other Port Melbourne faithful to let me know what comes of meeting.

Financial position, membership base, and any recruiting news would be greatly appreciated. Port Melbourne AGM's are usually somewhat entertaining. But I have a feeling with the board changes from last year's election that things are bubbling along quite nicely.

It would be good to hear from our incoming senior women's coach on their progress and on how the club has tackled the axing of the development league.

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You are right about the entertaining bit NOrthport - this years AGM didn't fail to impress for the roughly 50 members that turned up - almost woth paying your 70 bucks for  a membership just to come to the AGM.

Financial position - Port Melbourne has turned around its 300k loss to make a profit this year of 54k. This is largely to do with a 400 k revenue increase and regotiated terms with the Rex Hotel which has seen management fee slashed by around 300k. This slight profit would have been significantly higher if the 95 k leave allowance was not listed (last year we saw no figure for this column). Another point of interest is the depreciation figure is still there, with it being over 300k. This has increased from 2014 when it was only 275 k. Therefore if you had it listed at the same figure as a few years back then profit may have been over 100k for the year and ad to that the leave money then you would have a profit of roughly 200k . I know many on this site have questioned what the depreciation was on - this was asked at the meeting and it is on the gaming licenses (why the depreciation figure increases ?? not sure).

Membership base is 1600 (I thought at seasons end that it was around the 12, 13 hundred mark ??? The club is aiming to double this next season and is hiring a marketing specialist to try and achieve this. It would be nice to see a higher percentage of these members turn up other than September. Place would have a real buzz to it if we could average a crowd of over 2k at every home game.

No recruitement news -  other than we have holes to fill with the departure of a few big name players.

The other topics you were interested in - in the last sentence of your post were not addressed.

All in all - the GENERAL feeling was one of, well done from the members to the board.

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Mega thanks so much for the comprehensive report. Yes Port AGM's always give us something that's for sure. I'm away overseas and even from here I'm getting a bit concerned with the lack of announced signings. Hopefully we begin to hear a bit more in this regard shortly. We would normally have signings announced before and after the rookie draft, but not so this year.

A great sign that the financial position has improved, even if it's due to numbers being adjusted. At least steps are being taken to manage our position.