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Roosters Broke?

Problem here Digs?   This why Patterson quit?

North City pricks will be rubbing their hands together no doubt as this will be the opening they want tio kill off the VFL entity.


Hi Imps,

Not sure how you can be broke when you have assets worth 20 million.

Certainly not the reason why Patto polled the pin, he was driven out by inept leadership & direction. The current regime will not be happy until they have driven every decent person out of the club. The list continues to grow  & several issues will not see it improving in the short term.

Personally I think it's the beginning of the end for the VFL team as we know it. Unfortunately the club is now being driven by a bunch of rednecks that have no interest in the VFL & the future only the success of the local team.

Tha current chair???? Continues to waffle on about the continuation of the VFL but you wouldn't trust them as far as you could toss the Queen Mary !!

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