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Season 2018 - Early Thoughts?

How do you think your team will go this year? The early betting markets have Port and Willy equal favourites, with Frankston and Coburg as the cellar dwellers.

Frankston has recruited well and will win games, and on paper this might be the best team they have had in the last 10 years. Maybe not quite as strong as the hugely under performed 2014 team but time will tell.

Personally I am hoping for  Port  v Willy grand final.

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I've a feeling the satchel swingers have got it wrong,both Port and Willy have lost a few and dont seem to have recruited anyone of note,Willy in particular seem to be concentrating on their womens team.

I reckon the AFL teams are placing more emphasis on this comp now and will start to dominate it,hope I'm wrong.

Hope youre right about the Dolphs Bearsman,they look like theyve put together a fair list,I'll be up on the hill with all the crazys this year,maybe our old correspondent "Dolphin" might even make a comeback!

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Is there a market for the Frosty? Josh Hill at fake Preston could be good value this year.


We'll thrill 'em

We'll kill 'em

We'll tear 'em in two

Wally from Will...
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I'm wondering where Willi's goals will come from, having lost Dylan Conway, Arryn Siposs and Ayce Cordy over the last two years. All kicked 30-40 goals per season and don't appear to have been replaced. We still have Sam Dunnell & Ben Cavarra, so we will be thereabouts, but whether we can go all the way is a big question mark.

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Any seen the full season fixture?

Wally from Will...
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you can download it at this link blackrocker


Frankston had a strong list in 2013 with Lloyd, Kitchin, Hockey, Gabriel, Gallagher, Delahunty, 2 x Irvings, Potts, Heddles, Lourey, Alwyn, Simpson, Buchan, Haretuku etc. 

This year's list is nowhere near that, and is sorely lacking in VFL experience, but it has some talent and I reckon some speed and x-factor too. It will be a remarkable effort if they're not in the bottom two, but hopefully they can surprise a few and be very competitive at Frankston Park. Same story with Coburg you'd think but hopefully they surprise too.

At the top end Port and Willi both had incredible depth last year which has been eaten into. If they have a good run with injuries they'll both be right up there, but they could also drop back a rung if some key players go down during the year. 

Box Hill have kept most of their key guys, will have plenty of Hawthorn and should be up near the top again. Hard to say with the AFL reserves sides, will be interesting to see how losing some experienced guys like Russell and Barry impacts Footscray.


Port Melbourne have lost Pinwell, Dwyer, Cain, Sandilands & Mihocek all at once & will doing well to play finals.

Pinwell is a massive out.


Port have lost some genuine stars and plenty of depth. On the flip side, injury and form cost players like Haretuku, Arnot, Rivett, Searl, Conway & Tynan a Grand Final spot so I still think the Borough will be extremly competive. 


Things wont be the same Burra without the mighty Caino.

How will you manage ??

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Hard to replace class like that digs. His finals series was top shelf and he will be sorely missed.