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Where did I say you support the slimey Saints? Carlton maybe?You seem to like twisting what people say to suit yourself

WHAT I DID suggest is you go on the St Kilda board on big footy and see the very low opinion the St kilda people have of the Sandringham FC

One going so far as saying we are their puppy!And these are the mongrel supporters of a mongrel club you want to hand our club over to? I havevent got $450,000 n my back pocket but by christ if I was a lot younger I would t at least try and save the club as its own identity.

As I have said before WE dont have to play in the bastardised VFL and  could easily exist in a lower league but that dosent suit the egos  income of the people unfortunately running the club now


BTW I suggest you go and talk to Coburg that has way less recources like a Social Club and more supporters  like the SFC and find out how they survive as a stand alone club.

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billy coburg have less money than sandy i suggest YOU walk into the office and see john mennie before he retires  and learn the difficult situation the club is in you have no idea whats going on i hope i dont find out who you are because you might need help!!!         the club needs  help not critics! 



I have no sympathy he is well past his used by date

What he has been virtualy running the club for 30 years and at the end all he will  be remembered as the person that turned a once great footy club into St Kilda Seconds and if you think that wont happen its only when not how!Im very surprised you as a supposed Sandringham member and supporter would let this weak way out of a problem happen

Dont forget the Club belongs to the Members and Players past and present not just a few gutless tired old men on the board.

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like i said billy show me where the money is and i will shut up



I would rather the club fold than be taken over by St Likda Oh and by they they may be a groundswell of support from members and players to stop this pathetic weak move by a handful of people

This should go to a members meeting before anything is set in concrete!Maybe you should check the clubs constitution before jumping into bed with St Kilda

I think the laywers might have a feast if the rukes are broken.Have a word to Dennis Galamberti he should know the answer.

I notice Zebraman has gone very quiet about this matter.

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*  Weather now upgraded to mostly sunny and a top of 17.




Has Pinwell ever had a brain?


NO......And Arnott is not far behind him !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Disappointing to end the season the way we did, lacked intensity from the bounce whereas the zebras looked switched on


I saw some on TV and watched the last quarter live at North Port due to fathers day comitments

The last quarter was a bloodbath and the the Port players just looked not up to it continually being out marked and easily run down causing turnovers

A liittle note the embankment  behind the Williamstown Rd end is way too steep and dangerous easy to slip over

Maybe Port Phillip Coucil should do some propper terracing  behind the goals like Coburg and Creamer St

I reckon this is a H&S issue and should be addressed asap before someone breaks a leg or arm.Maybe Ill give the council a wake up call!