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I saw some on TV and watched the last quarter live at North Port due to fathers day comitments

The last quarter was a bloodbath and the the Port players just looked not up to it continually being out marked and easily run down causing turnovers

A liittle note the embankment  behind the Williamstown Rd end is way too steep and dangerous easy to slip over

Maybe Port Phillip Coucil should do some propper terracing  behind the goals like Coburg and Creamer St

I reckon this is a H&S issue and should be addressed asap before someone breaks a leg or arm.Maybe Ill give the council a wake up call!



As a long time poster you would be well aware of my concerns about the undulating ground at Port. A good venue if you happen to be a mountain goat. A couple of years ago an elderly Rooster life member suffered a serious fall & had to taken to hospital where he remained overnight.

Not good enough for the BEST ground in the competition .

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Its actually very dangerous and not safe at all and would be a lot worse when wet!

That incident should have been reported to the Port Philip Council!It might be alright when you have a few hundred to H&A games but its not good enough with the much bigger Finals crowds with sellouts on the cards with Collingwood playing.


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Geez Billy...Sandy have one of their best wins for the year and  all you're worried about is an emabankment behind the goals...Guess it must be disappointing for you to see Sandy come out and play well...

Of course if Sandy had lost, it would be a tirade about non interested St Kilda players...John Mennie not up to the job...etc...etc...etc..

We may not go much further but the effort today was first class.

The alignment thing is not ideal, but as Clarry has stated, as long as there's a hearbeat we'll still be there..

I have no idea what the future will bring to Sandy but I'm at least able to enjoy what we did today

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

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I'll post something when I feel up to it :-)


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A tough day at the office for the Borough today, going down in both the DL and Senior games.


In the DL, we really looked to be missing any sort of a forward target, probably largely due to Clarke going up to the 'ones'. Whereas Port were clean and disciplined against Coburg last week skills were down and we didn't look like the team we were last week.


Port Melbourne   0.4  2.4  4.9  9.11 (65)
Williamstown   3.2  9.7  13.11  18.16 (124)

Port Melbourne: Murray 2 Dove 2 Brancatisano  McKenzie  Bevan  Sullivan  Lee 
Williamstown: Conway 4 Hetherington 3 Anastasio 3 Ebinger 2 Condon 2 Norton  Carr  Owen  Hislop 

Port Melbourne: McKenzie Hooper Urban Hayes Pearce Dove
Williamstown: Minogue Hislop Hetherington Sullivan Conway Norton


In the main game.  We were 

Port Melbourne   1.1  6.2  11.5  15.10 (100)
Sandringham   4.5  10.8  13.11  22.13 (145)

Port Melbourne: Mihocek 3 Rivett 3 Arnot 2 Osborne 2 Iaccarino  Lange  Clarke  Golby  Lisle 
Sandringham: Lee 5 Shenton 4 Dennis-Lane 4 Templeton 2 Wilkins 2 Answerth  Sinclair  Grace  Fisscher  Pierce 

Port Melbourne: Tynan Cain Arnot Mihocek Rivett Lange
Sandringham: Longer Noone Curren Lee Cook Shenton

A lot of players across the board were beaten on the day.

Minimal returns from some key players, including Lisle who has had a very quiet season after such an impressive 2015. Sam Dwyer who was cruelled by injury this season has looked like right and probably had little moret than a handful of disposals but they weren't alone. Unfortunately lots of Ports selected side had their colours lowered.


From the outset, the intensity and 'manic pressure' just wasn't there.  AFL aligned clubs will kill you in uncontested football, and in close fierce contests are what Port should be priding themselves on, but it was just lacking as it has for a lot of the season.  You've got to love the agression that some players bring to the contest, like Arnott, Pinwill for example. But some of the second efforts today and recently just stood out.


The Borough have been a low scoring side all season, with them notching up the 100 point margin of very few occasions.  Hard to win games of footy if you can't score heavily when you do have the footy.


I'll go through the list and post my thoughts.  I think regardless of those that move on, we are likely to lose Brody Mihocek and Damian Mascitti and probably Sam Crocker to the draft.  Fully deserved for them, but recruiting and player retention is going to be crucial.

Another key forward, and a genuine big ruck are key positions to address.  Another summer will to wonders for Lachy Waddell, and I'm hoping he can have a big 2017.




Well done to Sandy who played a very good brand of footy for the afternoon. A part from Port's strong third term, Sandy controlled the match and were deserved winners. If they bring that effort next week, they are every chance of knocking off Willy and advancing further into September.

Plenty of questions to be asked down at Port and a bitterly disappointing way to end the year having 2 sides bow out to teams they comfortably beat in there previous encounter. 


Just surprised that a supporter of many decades like you  that you hadso little impact on the discussion about the St Kilda takeover.

Even though I dont like the current situation but  I reckon the Saints players some of whom were delisted wanted to stick it up both clubs managements.As far as the embankment  behind the goals it is very dangerous as digs has aluded to.



Great to see that you haven't headed to the west gate bridge.

Fot what it's worth I think that the Port followers place far too much pressure on the team & it's almost a given that you are expected to be right up there which in most cases is the norm.

Looking back on the years performance Port have finished about where the results for the season have indicated & on yesterday's showing are a long way off the aligned sides.

Port to me looked very tired & some players were unfit & a long way off the boil , some also may have gotten a little ahead of themselves being short price favourites & looking forward to next week.

To keep up the current quality you will have to recruit heavily for 2017 with Mihochek & a couple of others almost certain to go higher.

Finally I think it's time your love child was put out to pasture !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


No doubt at all that we had players far from full fitness. Reckon there was at  least 5 blokes who were cooked and should have not played.  There's also a few others who mentally struggle at times which is a major concern. Cant always get by on talent or because you recently left an AFL list.

I still believe there is a nucleas of a very good team on our list but the deficencies are obvious. We need a Ruckman (Haretuku battled brilliantly and had a super year), some outside midfielders with pace and another key defender.

Small forward has also been an issue.  Josh Scipione is a little star but after he kicked 40 odd goals a few years back he's been cruelled by injury and barely played 3 games in a row.

 really enjoyed the development of Rivett, Hobbs, Hooper, Dickson and Waddell. The club needs to invest strongly in these boys.