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VFL finals last day scenarios

Victorian Football League (VFL) Finals scenarios:

Locked in:
1v4 Casey Demons v Sydney Swans
2v3 Brisbane Lions v Southport Sharks

Tomorrow's scenarios:

Collingwood win
5v8 Collingwood v Richmond
6v7 Gold Coast v Box Hill Hawks

Carlton win by less than roughly 16 points
5v8 Gold Coast v Box Hill Hawks
6v7 Collingwood v Carlton

Carlton win by roughly 16 to 26 points
5v8 Gold Coast v Box Hill Hawks
6v7 Carlton v Collingwood

Carlton win by more than roughly 26 points
5v8 Gold Coast v Collingwood
6v7 Carlton v Box Hill Hawks

Scenarios calculated on Carlton kicking 100 points in a win but it doesn't alter by much either way

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I have absolutely no interest in the VFL final series. Terrible, lop-sided competition deserves a Gold Coast v Sydney final in the soulless Princes Park with warm Carlton light the only beer.  

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It's been a dirty year for this competition with no stand alone Victorian clubs involved in the finals season.

If two interstate clubs make the GF,  surely it should be played outside of Victoria. This looms as potentially one of the lowest drawing finals series I can recall.  I'd love to be proven wrong.. But the Scorpion and Mustang faithful seem fairly disenfranchised with their clubs and they will really rely on Aligned AFL club members getting on board.

The U22 and salary caps need to be heavily adjusted or thrown out for the integrity of the comp. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Hope Southport smash the afl clubs. Go the sharks !!!! Looks like local footy for me. Might even mix them up over the next few weeks. Eastern footy league, outer east, sfl, nfl or even mornington peninsula final. 

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It certainly is not what it used to be NorthPort & I have my doubts as to whether it ever will be from now on !

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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I'm with you digs the AFL have got exactly what they have wanted for years a AFL reserves dominated VFL and the ex VFA teams can go suit themselves or fold.!