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Billy - its making money - but not the amount of money the club expected or was hoping for. It has improved from the early days but still has a very long way to go.

A few people who have enquired about having functions therehad said they have priced themselves out of the market. As a venue to host club functions its excellent and a big upgrade from underneath the stand (although that has a great nostalgic and historic feel about it) but as a money making venue - theirs definite room for improvement.

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Always a problem when you don't own it Mega.

Never appeared to be part of Port's culture !!

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My major gripe is that it needs frame-less windows.

Unless you are standing right up to the windows, you have a very B r oken/obscured view of the ground. 


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Hi North Port Its the facility leased out?Im pretty sure the Sandy social club does alright out of weddings and functions but has the advantage of being double story and fantastic views across the bay and on match days a good view of the ground as well.

It would be interesting to see if Willys social club gets a lot of outside functions which of course is where the monies are..

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Certainly does billy, weddings, birthday parties, engagement parties, even had a few funerals 

if only they had put one long balcony across the back instead of all the small juliet balconies (that are rarely opened) it would arguably have the best views of the bay in Melbourne  


Yep Wally Architechs dont get it right all the time.Your revamped Social Club would have beed the perfect place to have a full length balcolny.

When Sandys SC was duilt in the 1970s a lot of money was wasted on the type of construction used which is one of the reasons it was originally quite small.The architech was the Essendon ledgend Jack Clarke.

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yep, lots of design faults billy, the kitchen was placed in the centre of the room effectively splitting it into two smaller rooms, so if there is a full-house function viewing of speakers is limited & restricted to viewing it on screens for some, they didn't install full length windows & the balcony out the front also restricts viewing of the game - hopefully all these faults will be rectified over time but at great cost


Seriously Wal,whoever designed upstairs should be booted out of the architects guild!

From memory the company who first leased it went broke and they were an Australia wide firm,presumably the footy club took over thelease primarily so they can run their presidents lunches,not sure if it's making a profit but there hasnt been many functions up there after xmas although they were busy before xmas.

As usual the weather is a killer,dont think i'd want a wedding between May-August in Willy.

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I can remember the architect speaking at a couple of lunches in the old demountable we were using at the time & boring the pants off everybody, but i guess the important point is that council signed off on the design so whoever was responsible for that should be taken out & dealt with

Correct CGull, The Rocks was the first operator of the venue & didn't last long, but its been going OK i believe running it ourselves.


It still amazes me that architechs are still as dumb as they were 60 years ago when I started working in the building industry.Just because it looks nice/pretty on paper dosent mean it will be functional or even practical.