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Wally from Will...
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I'm with you CGull, if Willi was in this apparent predicament I'd rather see them play in the Ammo's or WRFL and at least be an independent entity and a real football club again with reserves and under-age teams but maybe the situation is too far gone, better to die on your feet than to live on your knees as Midnight Oil once preached.

To add insult, any Sandy supporters that want to go see them at Marvel have to pay.


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Mordialloc, Berwick and Kilsyth are 3 old VFA clubs that opted out of the VFA and are all well and truly alive. They have seniors, reserves, juniors, veterans, playing in their own colours, loyal supporters and their own identity. Sandringham you are not the Sandringham zebras anymore but sadly St Kilda reserves. Forced to play at Docklands (Mickey mouse stadium), playing at Moorabbin, wearing St Kilda colours. What next ? a zebra replaced by a saint then the name will be changed to Southern Saints ??
Sandy a once proud and great club has succumbed to this. Coburg, Frankston, Werribee, Port Melbourne and Williamstown are the face of the old VFA. I hope somehow it changes for the old zebras but at the moment it does not look likely.

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It would be tough for Sandy to reinvent itself elswhere...theres practically nothing left to work with. The clubs VFA mentioned were fully functioning clubs who moved to other leagues. Sandy has nothing...a handfull of players, no supporters, and most likely no money. 

I fear when the AFL dumps them that will be it. AFL has made it clear they dont give handouts to struggling clubs, so I cant see how they can survive.

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Wally wrote   "To add insult, any Sandy supporters that want to go see them at Marvel have to pay"  

I received notie that Sandy FC was offering free passes to Docklands  to Sandy members, the pass is also s valid for the AFL game.  I choose not take up the offer.  I thinking of going to  Frankston v Willy on Sunday; hope the dolphins improve from  R1.

Great night at Willy last Sat. 






CGull Ive been saying this for years and you are right when St Kilda dont need Sandringham FC any more they will wipe the Zebras like a dirty arse.

Wally from Will...
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From the Sandy website

Perhaps it was the last line about Sandy memberships not allowing admittance that threw me, but I'm sure I saw on Twitter today a message that Sandy members would have to pay even though it's a home game.


Who picks up the tab for the loss of money from a home game played at TBBO?The AFL?

Wally from Will...
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VFL 2019: new ‘St Kilda-themed’ Sandringham clash jumper under fire

Paul Amy, Bayside Leader

April 10, 2019 8:30am

When the Sandringham players run on to Marvel Stadium in Round 2 of the VFL on Sunday, they will look far more Sainters than Zebras.

As part of the alignment with St Kilda, Sandringham will wear a jumper with the red, white and black colours of the Saints.

The word “Sandy’’ will feature on the front and back.




But when Sandringham announced the move on Monday, there was an immediate outcry, with calls the club was “selling its soul’’.

Former president Gerry Ryan called the design “terrible’’ and urged Sandy and St Kilda to “go back to the drawing board.’’

His phone ran hot as members and supporters voiced their displeasure with the “clash’’ jumper to be worn against Box Hill Hawks.

Former Port Melbourne coaches Neil Ross and David Dunbar and ex-Coburg captain Nick Carnell were among those to criticise the Zebras on social media.

Dunbar called it a “gutless and disrespectful decision’’.

Ross said it was “bullshit’’ and that a “great VFA club in Sandy have sold their soul’’.

Carnell commented: “Selling their soul — don’t like this at all.’’

Sandringham goalkicking great Nick Sautner in the traditional Zebra jumper.

Former Sandringham best and fairest and Melbourne player James Magner put up a sad-face emoji.

The agreement between the Zebras and St Kilda to wear a “St Kilda-theme’’ jumper was made in August 2016 as part of a rolling alignment deal.

It kicked in this year now that the Moorabbin ground is available to host VFL matches.

Sandy will wear the red, white and black strip three times in 2019: on Sunday against Box Hill Hawks in an AFL curtain-raiser, against Frankston at Moorabbin in Round 5 and against the Hawks at Box Hill City Oval in Round 12.

Under the alignment agreement, the Zebras were due to play two matches at Moorabbin this year. But the Round 2 match against Box Hill Hawks was switched to a curtain-raiser and the second match with the Hawks requires a “clash’’ jumper.

The alignment calls for three games to be fixtured at Moorabbin next year.

Sandringham Football Club chief executive David Cannizzo.|

Sandringham chief executive David Cannizzo said he appreciated the “passion’’ for the Zebras’ history and the traditional jumper of yellow and black vertical stripes with blue trim.

But he said the agreement struck in 2016 had to be honoured.

He said any changes to it would have to be renegotiated “and there’s no appetite from either party to do that at this point’’.

Ryan said comments that the St Kilda-theme jumper eroded Sandy’s history overlooked the fact that “they (the Saints) are part of our history’’.

“St Kilda are part of our modern history,’’ he said.

He said there had to be “give and take’’ in any alignment between VFL and AFL clubs, and St Kilda was entitled to be recognised on the jumper when Sandy played at Moorabbin.

“I have no problem with that,’’ Ryan said.

“I just think the design’s terrible. To have an outfit like that … in my opinion’s it’s just shocking.

“In any partnership you can’t dictate, and to have an alternative jumper with a St Kilda theme, I’m not against that. I’m not going to die in a ditch over an alternative guernsey.

“It’s the design I have a problem with. I’d like to see us go back to the drawing board and start again, combine both elements of Sandringham and St Kilda.

“Why not open it up to a competition and see who can come up with a good design?’’

Ryan was president of the Zebras when Sandringham and St Kilda came together in 2009 after Melbourne, with whom it had been aligned since 2000, took up with the Casey Scorpions.

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David Cannizzo whoever he is has no idea. St Kilda is not Sandringham and not part of the zebras history. What a clown. There will be no Sandringham supporters left as they do not want to support St Kilda seconds. That St Kilda jumper is absolutely disgraceful. Might as well a picture of Bozo the Clown on it.

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Gerry Ryan says in any partnership you cant dictate...cant stop laughing at that one!  Blind Freddy can see whats happening here.

The only issue they have with this is the design of the f*****g thing! Good Lord.....