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McLauchlan is an absolute disgrace. To make a decision like this then to try to sell it to the public as a if its all hunky dory just shows the arrogance of the man. He's done this a few times this year eg, Dean Rampe climbing the goal post - he popped up and said no rules were broken and the decision was correct. For f***s sake....give us a spell from the crap.

Grass roots footy will die on this guys watch if he continues on. Wonder where they think the players are going to come from to play in the AFL if they let the other competitions in Australia wither away and die.

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McLaughlin is definitely an utter goose and is slowly killing grass roots footy. Today I go to a qualifying final Croydon v lilydale at boronia. No footy record. It has been like that all year. McLaughlin every little stuff up it is your fault. A GRADE CLOWN that slowly destroying grass roots footy. Where are the players going to come from ?? A polo field you clown McLaughlin.

Good to see Collingwood lose. I heard there was a scuffle at box hill. Was Stephenson involved ??