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Odds from Sportsbet

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The odds are about right. The fact that Port Melbourne is rated a $3 chance it is considered a serious threat to Richmond. Williamstown are rightly so rated as favourite. If the seagulls get a good start they could blow Essendon away. Maybe the over 40 points could be the way to go. Looking at TAB sportsbet Williamstown is $1.74 and Port $2.85 so the chance of a Williamstown v Port Melbourne GF is a reality. Let's go the borough and seagulls !!


Lovely day dawns,with 100k members i’m tipping the Richmond ferals will ensure North Port will be a sell out,one of the few times I ever barrack for the borough!

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Current odds Richmond $1.43 Port Melbourne $2.85


Last Time They Met: Round 2(13/4) at Punt Road. Richmond 13-14(92) def Port Melbourne7-7(49)

Quarter by Quarter Stats

1st: Richmond 15-4 (1st), Port Melb 14-6(2nd)

2nd: Richmond 7-10-2(9th), Port Melb 9-11(8th)

3rd: Richmond 9-7-3(4th), Port Melb 14-5-1(2nd)

4th: Richmond 11-7-1(4th), Port Melb 10-9-1(9th)

Scoring Accuarcy

Overall: Richmond 53.33% (3rd), Port Melb 53.13% (5th)

1st: Richmond 55.46% (6th), Port Melb  51.20% (9th)

2nd: Richmond 49.41% (7th), Port Melb 46.60% (12th)

3rd: Richmond 52.63% (4th), Port Melb 57.02% (2nd)

4th:  Richmond 52.31% (8th), Port Melb 52.71% (7th)

Wally from Will...
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20 AFL-listed players in the Richmond side, makes it tough for Port, but the second quarter comeback by Port was sensational when it looked like the Tigers were going to get away from them early, Port had a few chances that could have increased their lead even further, will be one down on the bench now that O'Sullivan has been taken to hospital, Jake Aarts may not be playing next week if Richmond makes it, great game, great crowd 

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Go seagulls 


Great win to the Tigers Hope they can go all the way and people should never forget to advantage Port have playing finals at home. This match should have been played at Punt Road as Richmond finished top of the ladder.


Spot on Billy & I don't want to be  a wet blanket but Port did kick six goals from free kicks !!!

It's time for the armchair ride for Port to be terminated.

Cannot understand why the other clubs tolerate the advantage !

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Shattered. But a fine effort to get the season back on track later in the hone and away. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.