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All the AFL reserves teams playing each other should pull decent crowds but most dont!The Tigers are the best at Punt Road.

I have attended a number of local league matches over the past few years and most get better and more vocal, engaged crowds than the VFL.

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Richmond and Footscray are not in vfl this year and Box hill are stand alone as no hawthorn. Collingwood play at Victoria park and their training ground. Both have no fencing. There would be a few of clubs in local leagues that have no fencing and anyone can walk in. If local footy and vfl resume it will be mid June at earliest. If afl does not resume at all probably safe to say majority of leagues will follow suit. The vafa have no fencing but could easily resume. Most clubs would only have 120 minimum including players, staff and officials to majority of games. My mail is vfl 40-60 of playing. Local footy maybe 50-50 chance.

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Still some decent crowds at VFL. Wally and Seagull can back me up that Willy v Port had around 2k last year, Port V Box Hill around 1,500 mind you that was a awesome day around 30 degrees. Coburg v Port was reported in the media as from memory around 1,200. Port v Collingwood I was told from a couple of people was around 2k (wasn't at the game), Port V Essendon healthy crowd. 


Coburg has seen a surge if crowds with their strong work off field, Williamstown does well with 1,300 members and Werribee doing a lot of work in the local community to get people behind them.

I have no doubt at all that if they go back to the 500 people outdoor gathering rule that their will be several lock outs in the VFL this year.

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Wally from Will...
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Round 1 last year Willi v. Port under lights at Pt Gellibrand was easily in excess of 2,000

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If the vfl does resume you will find supporters that have been locked in doors for weeks will be desperate for any footy action they can get.  Will be like it is now for next 5 weekends which will see the backend of May. June or July is their light at the end of the tunnel ??


Frankston v Port Melbourne last year had over 2000 people. Particularly early in the season when the weather is good there are still really healthy crowds at VFL games, as there are in finals once spring hits. In the middle of winter the crowds are generally small.


From an Age articlc by Peter Ryan

Might be some good come out of the Crisis.

List size debate heating up as 35 becomes target

The clubs are of the view that any planned reduction should gradually occur in stages rather than suddenly and their support for cuts would be dependent on a strong second-tier competition being established.

Many hope that resources lost to football departments might be redeployed to develop players at lower levels and remain within the industry.



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Good luck to former seagull Aaron siposs on getting a conract with Detroit lions in nfl. Hope he can make it. Hardest part making the list which he has done.

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Siposs could kick it a mile. Good luck to him. There was a story on Wade Lees on TV a few weeks ago about how he's making a name for himself as a Punter for UCLA, which I think is College football.


My read on all this

May 11 is the key date on whether we get a season or not (when State of Emergency is due to end)

I understand VFL Stand-alone clubs have been meeting every Friday.

I think it wil be a season without AFL players. So 5 VFL Stand-alone clubs plus Box Hill, maybe Casey and Sandringham as well.

best thing to say though is watch this space and stay patient and safe.