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Sweat VFA

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If it ends up with 5 standalone vfa clubs plus maybe box hill, Casey and Sandy that will make it an eight team comp. If say efl or other local metro comps don't go ahead, could we see the Vermont, noble park etc maybe invited to make it a 10 team comp ?? I am sure those clubs would rather play somewhere than not in 2020. More will be known on May 11. 

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When we won the flag in 2015 we played Sandy at Sandy in the first final. Siposs played for Sandy that day and kicked a behind from the half back flank. Biggest kick i've ever seen although he was kicking with a fairly strong breeze. Great player on his day.

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Would Casey, Box Hill and Sandy have enough players to field teams, and would they have enough money to pay them?


Box Hill have confirmed they would have a stand alone team for this year 



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I'd like to see your idea go ahead, the license fee might be the sticking point. How much is it these days? A few years ago I was told its 300k annually but i feel that may have been a exaggeration.

Also I think AFL vic wouldn't care if theirs 8 sides as they would want to make it easier for themselves, get the comp out of the way and be done with it without complications. If theirs only 8 clubs competing then I'd love to see some additions, would be interested in seeing what the gap in standard is.

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Vermont v port Melbourne in a vfl match ? How would that look mega. In the late 70s vermont, east ringwood, Greensborough were clubs the vfa looked at back then. If vfl resumes, afl reserves teams pull out and a few of the local comps dont play in 2020 then why not create some interest. I would like to see 4 suburban or country teams come in for the season. Make it a 12 team comp where their is 11 rounds so every team can play each other once. You could even start in July which could plan all local leagues and teams 2020.


Don't think that we ever saw the best of Aaron Siposs at both AFL & VFL level Wal.

As a TAC cup player he looked to be a long time AFL player & as well as being a long kick he was a great mark.

I can remember he didn't enjoy a lot of praise at Willy because there were some suggestions that he may have beem a little "shy". 

You would know better than me if that was correct !





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He wasn't the most courageous bloke i've ever seen in a royal blue and gold jumper digs, but when he was 'on' there were few players who were better. His game in the qualifying final against Casey in 2017 was outstanding. Took the mark of the year and kicked the goal of the year in 2017, also.



Monday 27th April 2020

The Coburg Football Club provides this club statement in response to recent media reports and stories that have stated that the 2020 VFL season has been cancelled.

General Manager Sebastian Spagnuolo provides the following information –

“At both Executive and Board of Director level, our club is in close consultation and communication with the AFL along with representatives of all VFL club’s and we can confirm that, contrary to some media reporting, no decision has been made regarding the 2020 VFL season.

The initial date set by the league of May 31st 2020 as a season suspension end date is still the planned date that we are working to.

Once any decision is made by the AFL regarding the VFL, our club will be informing all key stakeholders – players, staff and club members and sponsors.

Within the club, our Board of Directors and Executive team are also meeting very frequently to ensure that our club is well prepared for any decision that may be made regarding the 2020 VFL season, but we want to be clear with all club stakeholders that no decision has been made as yet.

I’d like to once again thank everyone associated with the club for their ongoing loyalty, support and patience as we all work together to get through this Covid-19 challenge.”

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