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Has that clown Damian Barrett or Tom Browne been dribbling crap again. These clowns have no idea. Good on you Coburg as well as Werribee who have also updated same message.


Whatever happens for the rest of the season will be a compromise.  It is evident the AFL clubs have no interest in doing anything to support the VFL structure.  It typifies the attitude seen right across the competition.  AFL Victoria is beholden to the AFL.    As much as I love the VFL competition and the wonderful standard of football it is not the same.  It is great for the stand-alone clubs to be competitive against the AFL clubs but it is getting harder each year.  This situation might help pare back the AFL strength and make for a better VFL.  I hope......but do not expect!!


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I hear the same comment Seagull when I'm at Port Melbourne, people often commenting about the increasing difficulty in competing with AFL clubs. Theirs also the others that I hear say that it's not any more difficult than in the past. I tend to agree that it isn't that monumental task that others say it is and that the gap is not widening. Theirs many examples from both of our clubs in recent history that support the argument that it isn't getting any more difficult to compete and that the standard difference is not widening, after all Williamstown were only a kick away from making it 3 premierships for stand alones in the past 5 years !!!

17 PREMIERSHIPS, 21 X Runners up




Three of the top six teams last season were stand alone. That tells the story there is no gap to widen. That said, changes the AFL have made to the VFL comp (no devt league, salary cap reductions etc) do mean the stand alone clubs need to be more and more efficient in their operations to stay at the same level.

It's also much harder for the bottom clubs to build a competitive team over time as Frankston did during Brett Lovett's time under the current conditions, so the while the rich aren't getting richer, the poor are getting the picture.

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Port Melbourne and Williamstown are always in the mix. The seagulls have won 1 and port 2 flags in recent years. Coburg have done a heap of work off field and will improve on it. Frankston are slowly building as well. Werribee I picked as premiership contenders this season and if 2020 goes ahead i would put them as flag favourites. The vfl teams are definitely not falling behind on the field. I agree that since dev. League is gone and cap restrictions make things harder. Cant argue there. The vfl teams are working a lot more off the field and are putting in the hard yards. If the afl has a reduced list I would be backing the vfl teams against majority of afl reserves teams. With a reduced list some players who are cut or not picked up could find new vfl homes which would improve overall depth. Love the idea dolphins have put their name to use kars street as a hub. Nothing ventured nothing gained. They are not expecting anything but if don't ask you never know. Is more of a chance than geelong's idea of hosting the afl gf if cats make it. Geelong are in fairyland. Lots of ideas, if's and buts about footy in general at the moment. 


Likely scenario should season go ahead

8 teams (5 VFL Stand alone clubs plus Box Hill,Casey and Sandringham) No AFL players

10 rounds plus finals 

Hoping for Channel 7 coverage 

Games to be played at certain grounds (likely to be double or even triple headers)

Season would only go ahead if clubs believe they could end up even given likelihood of no crowds


I dont think there will be no AFL players in the VFL as many AFL players kicked of the lists if they are reduced to 35  will be looking for clubs.Now would be a good time to revert back to the VFA name as well.

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Agreed that the VFA name should return and the slap in the face of being renamed VFL should be corrected. 

An 8 team competition with a final 4 would work well I think. 

Double headers with no crowds. I can live with that. Hopefully members and couch supporters jump on board and their is a solid increase in some form of membership ($20?) and a boost in merchandise sales to help cover costs. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Vfa name. Love to see that !!!

If all goes ahead where do the excess afl players not getting a game play ?  What about local leagues? Heard numerous teams not keen for 2020 as no crowd = no revenue. Some players earn triple working on a Saturday as tradies therefore unlikely to play.


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One thing that is for sure next 4 weekends will be no footy. Hopefully sometime in June we will get some footy action somewhere!!