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Sandy use to run Unders and Overs after the games at thao old clubrooms at the back of the stand during the 1980s and Ive seen people lose thousand of dollars a nice little earner for the club.


Wally form Willy. No I cant remember that particular match bit I do remember Sandringham captain Terry Wilkins belting the Willy President on the ground straight after a match Sandy won in controversial circomstances.But I do remember a match at WCG when most of the game was played in heavy fog in the late 1950s - you could hardly see the players just hear their voices.The boundry umpires would relay the scores to the goal umpire at the other non scoring end.And it was bloody cold most of the crowd that stayed were huddled in the grandstand.I think we came over on the Williamstown Road Punt.

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That probably would have been Merv Hobbs I reckon Billy, could be a bit volatile at times

There was another fog game at Willi against Port and many of the Burra fans came over on the Gem steamer. The steamer was cancelled during the day due to the fog and when the Port mob went to the pier and found out it was cancelled they all rushed up to Willi railway station to take the train back. When they were informed that the ferry ticket wasn't valid on the train there was a riot and police were called but couldn't control the angry mob and there was a fair amount of damage done to the station. Didn't find out how they got home in the end, those were the days .....