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Ive resorted to watching shows that I loved as a  kid Gearge.

Tha Durango Kid, Hopalong Cassidy, Original Superman, Abbott & Costello etc They would buy & sell the bloody rubbish that's on TV today.

Thank god for Youtube !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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I too have been watching many old shows on YouTube which us linked to my fetch tv. I watched an episode of car 54 where are you which features Fred Gwynne (Herman munster). Pretty funny.


AFL Victoria announced today that local footy can go back to training on May 25

This does not include VFL clubs as that comes under AFL not AFL Victoria

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Some good news at least we will get local footy. I would rather spend my arvo supporting local footy than been couped up inside watching afl crap with no spectators.

Wally from Will...
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This is a good essay on the re-commencement of footy (AFL footy that is). I particularly like his reference to zombie football


Given what the AFL said about community football today, People associated with the VFL just  want to know the question related to a song from Pink "What about us" 


I think he is right Willy. I cant see the ratings holding up as people get bored with the souless matches.

Its the crowds that make the AFL what it is and has always been a big part of the success of Australian Football and without them the game is diminished by at lest 50%..

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I will watch Richmond if played at a night time but not much chance of watching any other soulless snorefest crowdless games afl games on tv. You will find the ratings spiral downwards after a few weeks especially with the local footy back on. They resume training in May 25 with blocks of 10. If the morons decide to make fake crowd noises that will be a huge turnoff which will resemble like reality fake tv. 


Latest update is there is still no news on VFL season


the clubs next video conference call with AFL is on Friday so no decision before then 

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Announcement expected today at 3pm regarding community football. Rumour is training to commence May 25 with strict distancing measures. No contact training in groups of 10, with 2 groups allowed per oval. No use of change rooms allowed etc..train - go home.