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Very worrying story for the VFL stand alone clubs for 2021. Mergers, and a competition without the stand alones being discussed. Whatever happens we will have a very different VFL in 2021..


As we all know the final decision will be made by the AFL!

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McLaughlin will be trying hard to destroy all local leagues.
Heathcote District Football League has already pulled the pin for the year.

Heathcote District FL is the first of the Leagues to cancel the season. COUNTRY FOOTY LEAGUE MAKES CALL TO CANCEL SEASON 
A Victorian country competition has become the first community league to abandon its 2020 season amid the coronavirus crisis, citing financial and health risks for its decision.

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You will find that quite a few leagues will be pulling the pin for the year.
As for the VFL run by the AFL don't like the chances if the Bozo at the top has any say.
Coburg, Werribee, Port, Willy and Frankston have been very active off field with regular communication and are very keen for footy action. Even a short 10 rounds season plus finals with the eight teams is good enough. I'd be more than happy with that as the bare minimum of footy for the VFL.

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Ill be surprised if the whole of footy is not completely different next year. This is the AFL's chance to restructure the whole system - and Im certain they will becuse finances will dictate that they have to start streamlining. Footy has been a dogs breakfast for years.. the VFL, NAB, womens footy all floating along aimlessly like a turd floating down a river.

My worry is that if they go with a Victorian AFL Reserves comp the standalone clubs will get shunted into oblivion.  All the VFA clubs would have to go to local footy. They may decide to have a third tier comp with some of the strong suburban clubs but I think that would be very unlikely. 

Worse still for me would be if there were mergers with NAB clubs and possibly the AFL clubs. That would mean name changes for the clubs and would probably end up like the Preston FC debacle. That would end it for me. I would go to watching local footy.

I hope there is a better solution somewhere, but the future for the stand alones looks very grim to me.



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Geelong Leagues are looking shaky on a start for 2020

GFL and BFL clubs will know by June 9 whether senior football will be played in 2020.

After meeting with club presidents last night, AFL Barwon is working towards two scenarios that will ultimately decide the fate of the season.

If there is no definitive path to return to play provided by the State Government when it makes its next announcement on the easing of COVID-19 restrictions – likely to be in early June – a meeting of the AFL Barwon Commission will be called as soon as possible pull the pin on senior football.

However, if State Government advice leaves the door open for play to begin, a definitive decision will be made at the scheduled meeting of the Commission on June 9.

“AFL Barwon would like to reiterate; this process is for senior GFNL and BFNL football only,” a statement from AFL Barwon said.

“All AFL Barwon competitions form an integral part of our entire region, and further decision regarding all senior and junior competitions will continue to be determined.

“The health of our region has and will always be our number one priority.”


Still no news on the fate of 2020 vfl season

it is getting really annoying the waiting game. It looks like its Another week's wait.


By my guess a 10 round plus finals season would need to start by July 25/26 weekend. Grand Final on October 18.

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This appeared tonight on the AFL website.



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Gee I hope they don't get that idea through NorthPort.....I don't mind the alignment with the under 18s at all, but if the AFL are gonna use it as a way to phase the standalones out by renaming them then they aren't gonna get far. The loyal supporters of our clubs turn up to watch a club, not an academy (which the NAB cup is). Imagine if the borough were renamed? Who'd bother going?

I can only picture one way that our clubs survive, and that's if the AFL align us with the under 18s teams structurally, keeping the remaining 8 clubs, adding four country teams (Ballarat, Bendigo, Gippsland and Murray most likely) and going to a final five again. I'm not overly hopeful of this happening would require the AFL having respect for the origins of the game through the VFA, and we know they aren't too big on that.

Sorry I haven't posted in a long while. I'm honestly feeling too depressed about the future of grass roots footy to bother saying much these days. I do read your posts regularly though fellas and enjoy your thoughts, so keep them coming!


Port Melbourne put out a statement this morning 

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