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Paul has done an incredible job putting together that list.  Saunter is probably the most contentious selection at two. I'm not sure why people have complained about Clayton's selection. He was dynamite at North Ballarat and at Port Melbourne (while on an AFL list) and could turn a game.



Wally from Will...
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Paddy Rose is another who is stiff to miss out - leading goalkicker in 2008 (55 goals) and many great games as a small forward


Jeremy Clayton has a record that will NEVER be equalled !!

He won his clubs B&F with every team he played with. Rebels 1, Roosters 2, Port Melb 2, Port Adelaide Magpies 5, Along with the Liston* Trophy, Magarey Medal, Numerous State reps & AFL football with North Melbourne.

If that doesn"t make him a better player than 18 I'll walk to Adelaide ......& Back.

Agree totally with CGull, Wally,& Billy.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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With that sort of record digs Jeremy Clayton should be in top five for sure, Kane Lambert is too low and should be much higher. Michael Frost also played in the 90s and a few season in the 2000s was a gun. If he had a few more seasons in the 2000s I would easily have him in the top five. Pods no problems with third spot. Nick Meese maybe one or two rungs higher. Great old fashion ruckman who has beaten many AFL listed players.


Digs, the list was based purely on performances as VFL Listed players 


So no AFL experiemce before or after the AFL Robbo ??

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green