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Its not what Daniel Andrews decides its the Health experts that he takes direction from and if they say footy can go ahead so be it!

I would rather be safe than sorry like Singapore and Japan who have gone backwards by lifting the restrictions too early.Footbal is a very small consideration in the overall scheme of things!

Showing your political colours Bearsman I might remind you the next election is not for another 2/1/2 years!


Frankston resumed  training last night 

 another good sign


Do you read the Herald Sun Bearsman ?

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Sad News!!!  Both the Eastern Footbal League and Northern Metro League have decided to pull the pin on the 2020 season.  The cost problems they have identified will be the issue for many other competitions.

Let's hope the AFL is prepared to assist the VFL to get its season up and running.


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Two of the strongest community football competitions in Australia have pulled the pin on 2020. can reveal the Eastern Football League and Northern Football League, both based in suburban Melbourne, have informed clubs there will be no games this season. This applies to men’s and women’s football.
Junior footy is still set to run.
Meanwhile the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA), which is less reliant on gate-takings, is expected to make a call as early as June 22. It is being guided by state government authorities and many of its clubs are back at training in smaller groups and under strict protocols. understands some of the biggest clubs in the VAFA are hesitant to pursue a season, but the league has not shut the door and could realistically begin as late as Saturday July 25.
The VAFA is distinct from other leagues in that payment for players is prohibited, but if football does go ahead there are still expected to be significant financial hurdles to clear.
In the Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football League, both grand finalists from 2019 are understood to have told headquarters they are out. Sorrento and Dromana are just two of several clubs around the state to do so, with Balwyn also expressing reservations to the Eastern Football League in recent weeks.
Both leagues confirmed the decision in a joint statement on Wednesday afternoon, confirming all senior football has been cancelled, while the EFNL has also cancelled its netball season.
“Recent feedback from senior clubs indicated an overwhelming wish for the future of the 2020 season to be determined without further delay,” the statement said.
“Both the EFNL and NFNL believe that cancelling their competitions is the only viable decision that will ensure the long-term sustainability of their clubs and the leagues.”
“Other concerns raised by senior football clubs were; the fiscal burden that playing just half a season would bring; the number of additional requirements for volunteers; the inability to effectively manage crowds to comply with current social distancing rules and crowd restrictions at public (often unfenced) venues and not wanting to play matches without their local community being able to attend without restriction.
EFNL CEO Troy Swainston said: “The EFNL (Eastern Football Netball League) has maintained a view throughout this process that we do not want one club to come back next year worse off than they are now.”
“All clubs were aware of the challenges associated with managing a reduced season under Covid-19 rules and restrictions and were very open, balanced, and frank about where their club sat.
“Clubs expressed concerns about their financials, player numbers, committees, older volunteers, crowd restrictions and their inability to manage crowds at open public spaces.

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Digs I gave the Herald Sun life about 10 years ago!

Billy I dont have any political colours - I hate em all equally!!

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One EFL club left shattered by today’s cancellation of the season has said ‘if there’s any other comp that wants us in it, go ahead, we’ll certainly look at that. I wonder which club ? If it is Vermont let them join the VFL and one other club to make it a 10 team comp.

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Paul Amy


It’s too late for the Eastern and Northern leagues but expect a statement shortly from AFL Victoria re a return to play for community football. Hopefully it will set out steps for the VFL too...

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I think that potentially social distancing could still work at VFL games if crowds are allowed to return.. 

Painted crosses etc or marked spots along fence line.

Otherwise clubs only forms of income may be merchandising or other off-field means.  Port Melbourne's fighting fund has slowed. 

Clubs will have to be very inventive to add new revenue streams. Let's hope tv coverage remains a part of an abridged season. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.


I reckon social distancing could be workable except in bad weather when everyone wants to huddle in the stand,still not insurmountable.I'm not sure if ch7 would be too interested in televising games without any AFL involvement as well as covering a hectic AFL schedule