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Williamstown were amazing today especially after quarter time never gave Frankston a chance.

It is a great learning curve for young Frankston team showing where they need to be.

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Couldnt agree more Robbo. Williamstown are a very, very good side and a loss against them is not the end of the world for Frankston. If they were getting ahead of themselves after three good wins they aren't anymore!

A 14 goal loss is a fair dinkum hiding though, but the Dolphs fought it out, even though a number of their better players had quiet days and were hardly sighted. Willy's class exposed a few Frankston youngsters who although putting in the effort still have a long way to go.

It looks almost certain Nathan Freeman will be picked up again in the draft. He showed yet again that he is head and shouders above VFL standard.

Not going to get much easier for Frankston. Upcoming is Essendon, Footscray, Richmond, Casey then the bye. Going to be a tough four weeks.

Stats from the game

Possession - Williamstown 52%  Frankston 48%

Kicks  210 - 180 

Handballs  140 - 144

Marks  110  -  67

Tackles  46  -  51

Hit outs  24  -  43

Inside 50's  56  -  43

Rebounds  35  -  39

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Williamstown of 2021 are far better than 2019. There kicking, marking and tackling skills are excellent. Dolphins will learn and won't be the only team to cop a flogging by Williamstown. It is very early days but what I seen yesterday the seagulls will go a very long way in 2021. 

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You blokes all make valid points. Yes, Willy played excellent footy, they do look a class above what most VFL sides can produce. But, that said, before the game we were expecting/hoping for a relatively narrow loss......but I think, and truly hope that Danny and his brains trust won't be at all satisfied with what eventuated yesterday, particularly after quarter time. Process went out the window in the second half and they looked like the rabble of old - and we know this team is not that. All the things I feared seeing were on display - failure to work for your mates, leaving players under pressure isolated, failing to pressure opposition players carrying the ball.....these are all areas that Frankston have been excellent in during the first three rounds. They aren't dictated by the pressure of the opposition but by your own players desire to work for the team. We didn't go to Willy needing a win - it's absolutely acceptable to be 3/1 with a respectable loss to the premiership favourite. If we'd walked out of their with a 4-6 goal loss there would have been confidence moving forward that we were making significant progress. I worry how a blowout 14 goal loss affects this team though.....and I guess we will find out at Windy Hill next weekend.

There's also a motto I think must be adhered to in a game like this.....never give a sucker an even break! We had use of the breeze in the first quarter and failed to capitalise on it. It wasn't a significant breeze, but worth maybe three goals. We were clearly the better side in the first and couldn't convert. Willy only went forward a handful of times and converted easily twice to go in with a narrow lead. I hear Willy's players were on the ground for a significant amount of time pregame, practicing set shots from various anyone who has been to Willy more than twice knows that breeze plays differently every time you're if the home team think it's worth practicing on it like it's their first time, what in the hell were we doing? To me, Willy would have been licking their lips at quarter time, knowing they could grind out a lead with the wind by half time and then frustrate Frankston out of the match with their very accurate short chipping game, which they executed brilliantly just after half time. And the Dolphins fell straight into the impatience trap. Game over. 

Lots to learn from this one. I just hope our boys can do that and put the result behind them quickly.....and get back to being the hunters they've been so far.

Wally from Will...
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Just bear in mind that Billy Myers, Brayden Monk, Jaylon Thorpe, Tom Downie, Sam Murray and Nick Rodda, who are all walk-up starts in our line-up, didn't play yesterday so we can only get better when we get a full and fit side on the paddock.


How much will Willy thrash the St Kilda Seconds by next week Wally a lazy 15 goals?


I just a had a look at the video of the Southport Sharks match against North and  there were 2 and a dog there I thought SS woulld have a bigger support base than that!

Southport city has about 35.000 people amd the GC 600,000 and their pokies club has 55,000 members so its not a great turnout!

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They could have been in the social club drinking, betting on the horses and having a meal. Probably more exciting than watching a rabble like North Melbourne.
The way North Melbourne VFL is travelling reckon they could end up with one of the worst records ever in a season. Might have to check all the VFA records and see all winless teams over the years and see who had the poorest year. North Melbourne have copped some terrible hidings already and Sunday's game will be no different at Box Hill.

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Southport rivals Aspley appears to have a much stronger following, very strong crowd vs Port.

17 PREMIERSHIPS, 21 X Runners up



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North Melbourne have a percentage of 29.9, for 153, against 511. Average score 38.25, average against 127.75