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Suddenly we look more of a threat than last year vfa......I thought even with Freeman out this is a slightly better side than last season. I still think we're at least a tall short forward and back......but this midfield and running brigade is as good as any in the comp right now. Exciting time to be a Dolphin supporter for sure!

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I think you're right Aj-Christmas in May! Huge boost to get Freezer back but also Lambert and McLaughlin back last week was massive. Frankston look a much better side with those two in the forward line and with Freeman back they might continue with Fordham more in the forward line for more firepower. He was outstanding as a forward against Willy.Dumann is really coming into his own now at CHB and and with Williams to return the defence looks very solid.

Mail is it looks like we will loose Reidy to the mid season draft, hopefully Rendell and Bradtke can step up.

Frankstons last 5 quarters have been very good and are now looking like a finals side. We will know after the Casey game. If they can handle Casey's pressure and keep up their present form up Casey will know they are in a match.