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Results from Past Seasons
Does anyone know where I can get results of seasons past - in particular 2001 to 2003?
Seasons 2004 to 2006 are on the VFL website: I'd say ring Footy Victoria (tomorrow I think they reopen their office) for the 2001 to 2003 results.
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Booga, final results seasons... 2001 1st to 8th. Box Hill,Werribee,Springvale,MurrayKangas,Frankston,Carlton, Coburg Tigers,Essendon. 2002 Geelong,Port Melbourne,Werribee,Coburg Tigers,Murray Kangas,Sandringham,Box Hill Hawks,Williamstown. 2003 Williamstown,Box Hill Hawks,Port Melbourne,Sandringham,Tasmania,Werribee,Springvale Geelong. Hope that helps you, zebra
Thanks for your response guys. I was actually after the game by game results. I now have the 2004 to 2006 ones from the Footy Vic site.
I have posted this subject about a year ago and nobody could answer this back then either,i am stumped as to why there is no site dedicated to VFA/VFL final scores of home & away as well as finals at least back to say the 50's or 60's even if they commenced them from eg: 1970 or something like that,i am sure there are kept records and data somewhere!!!! Instead all there is are the results of 2004-2006 on the footy vic site,and at the end of this season coming (2007)....the site will delete 2004 and make it 2005-2007 results!!! and so on,that site has only kept the last 3 season every year. Absolute crazy. There are enough people out there that are interested in VFL/VFA results and stats to warrant a dedicated site in my opinion.
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I'll start one up here. Does anyone want to volunteer to input the data they do have? I'll set you up with access to the Content section of the site (which I have largely ignored in recent months) Grand Final records from each year will have the complete seasons results.


Love to help, are we talking results of each game including goalkickers, best players, venue, crowd etc., or are you just looking for scores? I don't have heaps of records or anything, but i'll research some stuff if you want (i love this stuff). If anyone does have records but can't be stuffed, i'm happy to input data! Think it'd be great.
I have quarter by quarters, goalkickers and best since 1969, all in scrap books. There is the odd gap, (eg printers strike in 1975 meant limited coverage for a couple of weeks).
I've got the scores in a big word doc of every Devils game ever played, including all goalkickers, best players and votes, nearly all team lineups for Tassie and the opposition, and where possible attendances. For each game, I've also put down the short scores of the rest of the comp during that round. Nearly complete, just some gaps in 2004-05 to fill in, and I want to put it all on a website, to make up for the pathetic efforts the Devils themselves have managed in this area. Plenty of team stats, nothing in the way of player achievements because I don't have access to that, but I'm looking... Main source of info - Launceston's newspaper - great sports section (we love our footy down there): $11 or thereabouts for credit points, which beats the crap out of any other paper I can find, but the good thing is that if you're cutting and pasting text, it only charges you for the first 5 - unlimited after that! Plan a good couple of sessions on the computer, and you get heaps for nothing. Question for you guys - I can't find the final score of the Carlton match in the last round of the 2000 season (a Monday nighter, against Springvale I think). If I get this, I can complete the ladder...but no paper seems to have it anywhere...
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Well its only at the early stages of being set up... however registered members should now see a new option on the secondary menu at the top of the page called

My VFA/VFL results (working title)

Clicking on it will allow you to enter scores from past seasons. A few people that post on the website have said they would be willing to put in scores from previous seasons.

I don't think it needs to be very advanced.. Most Grand Final records should have the final scores from the H&A and Finals games.. something like that should work just fine for preserving some of that information.

I'd love to get some feedback on this. There is now also a menu option on the primarmy menu at the top called Results which will (needs a little tinkering) will list the seasons in numerical order.

I'll try and dig up a couple of old footy records to plug some of the results in to give you some idea of what the end result will be.

It's not going to be very well presented, but better to get something on now, and tidying it up later I reckon.


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[quote=jb]I have quarter by quarters, goalkickers and best since 1969, all in scrap books. There is the odd gap, (eg printers strike in 1975 meant limited coverage for a couple of weeks).[/quote]
[quote=jb]I have quarter by quarters, goalkickers and best since 1969, all in scrap books. There is the odd gap, (eg printers strike in 1975 meant limited coverage for a couple of weeks).[/quote]

I can check the Grand Final records from the past the I have which would include all the results. Will also have the check Annual reports I have which lists the seasons results.
It would be great if North Port can set up to have all results since 1877. This could be done gradually if all the regular posters here gave North Port the data which would come from Annual Reports, Scrap Books and the VFA Recorders. Would take several months to complete but it would be great to reflect on.