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[quote="Dolphin"] Not that I am aware, but there is nowhere enclosed for them to call from. I suppose we could build something for them, for the one game a year that they might call!! As for the promotion slash, you have to be kidding!!!! You ripped in to the club last year for over promoting itself. Consistency, that's all I ask. :wink:[/quote] You should just put them under cover next to the TV cameraman so they can be in everyone's way as well! I think the problem is you don't have a phone plug for them to use. Apparently Casey Scorpions have got a box for them to call from so they'll be happy with that! I never bagged the Dolphins for over are dreaming aren't ya? I bagged them for having dropkick supporters, for running out of food at the kiosk, for ripping people off at the gate by not offering concessions, for having a grandstand with poles in the way, for not filling a full reserves side... :lol: But at the end of the day mate, perhaps I should jump on board as a supporter, it's only cos I'm jealous of the Dolphins that I criticise too much :wink:
I know that! .........and we would welcome you with open arms............. We still love you and all is forgiven.
Casey Radio is looking into calling games again from Frankston. We did for many years but lost access to the telephone line. At one stage we were using a telephone line from the church next door and running the cables through the trees and across a fence and through a back window. We are hoping things may have changed with the new facilities down there. Great atmosphere and happy to support the stand alone local club. Frankston are important to the VFL as anyone. And with the Dolphins being so competitive in recent years it makes for great calling. You can catch all the VFL news Saturday's 9am to 10am with Neil Brown, guests include Paul Amy and VFL coaches and players. This show starts at the end of the cricket season.
Casey Scorpions New Time Slot 1pm - 2pm on Friday's Join Lachie Buszard and Scorpion related guests. Heaps of news and interviews. If you love your Scorpions you will love this show. Get the inside word from coach Peter Benfield and captain Nigel Carmody including regular guests. Scorpions Radio - Where you get the real sting!