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Whats with the header at the top of the page "VFA/VFL News"?? Has Phil Cleary asked you changed it, or are you wanting to get Gannon off side Ons? :wink:
[quote="STANGA"]Great to hear about the photo gallery, think it will add nicely to the site. I’ll certainly help you out with any snaps I take. Got a digital camera for my birthday last year from my wife, specifically to take to the footy. (Kept using film in our camera up). The results page sounds good, how about the crowd figures?[/quote] Yep, we always get something for a specific use but we all never actually end up using it for that use and in some cases, we dont use it at all. Crowds would be good, but how can we get hold of them because am wondering would the VFL release them ?
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[quote="onslaught"]Over summer, I hope to add a photo gallery section so that users can post up their pictures.[/quote] This is still on the cards, but won't go in until the move.


Do you mean a server move?