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[quote="CaseyRadio"]Would people be interested in tuning into the Under 23 Game as people make their way to TEAC Oval, or are most people planning to start the day early... In the car you shouldnt have a problem picking up Casey Radio on 97.7FM, have been doing car checks and can be heard in Port Melbourne... If you guys post that you are interested and would like us to do it, I have got VFL permission to broadcast the game after speaking with Martin Stillman this afternoon at Frankston[/quote]I was actually thinking yesterday when listening to your morning show that it'd be great if you were able to cover the Under 23 match. I know it makes it a long day for you but I think this game and also the VFL Reserves Grand Final are two curtain raisers that do deserve a radio broadcast. While you're on car checks, I've picked Casey up in Geelong and Werribee in the car with no problem and even as far away as Caroline Springs. Reception is great in the car with the aerial fully extended.
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I will be at the ground so will probably not hear it with the 'trannie' radio. But the idea of calling it is excellent. The Under 23 games a probably more an exercise for the AFL Recruiting staff, but the standards obviously quite good, and certainly worth getting along early to take a look at. Also just a gentle reminder that perhaps this would be a topic best posted in the official 3SER Media update thread ;)


[quote="onslaught"] The Under 23 games a probably more an exercise for the AFL Recruiting staff, [/quote]Some might say you should replace the AFL with SANFL.