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Footyman, the posts with (not verified) are the accounts I wasn't able to migrate... There must have been some kind of corrupt part to their record.

It's those people I need to contact me to resolve the issue.

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I'll probably replace the right hand column to increase the size of the Forums. That way it shouldn't look quite so cramped.



With the "Active forum topics" on the left hand side, is there a chance the username and date of posting can be included as was the case previously? Or at least some marking that shows which topics have been added to since I was last online?


Iliked the old forums page better.


I am just wanting to know that when i log in, i get topics that have begun in 2003. ie page 1 is 2003 (or whenever that topic began) and i have to go to the last page to find the current topics or the current messages.could this be changed?

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Samm, I'll try and sort that out.. Lots of minor changes to make to get the site running properly.

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Check out the Image Galleries link up top!


Love it. Looks great. Is a bit different to most other forums which makes it better for us.
Good job NorthPort and admin


Looks like its running quite nicely for something that has gone through a big overhaul.

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Must admit it is a bit harder to read.
Much easier when the current post is at the top of the page. Also will look much better with the logos on the forum.
Probably like any new system some take a bit more time than others to get use to. Must have been a lot of work to set this up. Anyway it is pretty quiet on the footy front as it is early January.