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Northcote Dragons guernsey

Does anyone know where abouts I would be able to buy one of the old Northcote VFA jumpers (green with the gold V)? I'm an old supporter from back in the day and I would love to get my hands on one of these.

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Welcome aboard lwest17.
Good to see a fellow Dragons supporter.
I have been followed them since the days of Rodney Hogg and Brendan McArdle.
When did you start following the dragons ?

You must be a pre 1975 supporter. The dragons changes jumpers for colour TV.
First game on colour TV on channel 0 was the Northcote v Sunshine clash.

I know Mooroolbark in the EFL did have the old Northcote colours but has switched to a different style jumper. There might be some clubs around Country Victoria with the old Northcote strip. Google search Bush footy and check all the VCFL clubs jumpers. Interesting to see if there are any jumpers similar to Northcote's.


Gee, it would be hard to get an original jumper now, either for the green with gold yolk or green and gold stripes.
Presume there are ex players out there that have them.

Leopold in the GFL historically were green with the gold yolk.


thanks for your reply,

i started following northcote as a kid, mainly becuase the northcote park was quite close to my house (i lived in fairfield, just next to fairfield park). I think I went to my first Northcote match in 1980 and went to just about every one of their matches in 82 when we won the second div premiership. but my family moved to the horsham in 83' so I stopped going to their matches but i still followed them until their demise in 87. Whenever i get the chance though i go to northcote park and watch the cougars play, but its just not the same..

I have found out there are a few country teams that use the northcote colours; Colbinabbin F.C in the heathcote and district league, leopold in the geelong league, murchison in the kyabram league and theres probably a few more.

I also found a guernsey that looks kinda similar to a northcote one on ebay. heres the link:

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My local team a stone throw from my 16 storey town house in Garfield has the old green and gold colored jumper and wear it proudly ,unfortunately I do not follow that team,(lucky for them).

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Didn't Frosty Miller originally come from Garfield or did he end up at Garfield after Dandenong ?


I always thought that the Northcote green and gold vertical stripes jumper was one of the very best looking of the old VFA jumpers - apart from Box Hill's which of course is and always has been the best. ;)

Probably the Northcote jumper and the Camberwell tri-colour "CFC" jumper are the ones that I miss the most out of all the many Clubs that are no longer around.

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Didn't mind Yarraville when they had the big eagle on the jumper. Mordialloc's red and white horizontal was good and it was a pity they swapped it to vertical stripes.
Must admit Camberwell had a great jumper that was very colourful.
Williamstown always look good in the gold and blue.
Brunswick was a bit like the old Port Adelaide magpies. Probably made the wickers look tougher.
Whenever I see anything in green and gold my first thought is Northcote.

Maybe Mustang we should start a new thread best and worst VFA jumpers.


g'day guys i found another ebay listing that sort of looks like a northcote jumper

Could this possibly be an old northcote jumper or just some random teams jumper?

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Slightly off thread!

Those of you who followed the Northcote and loved it's jumper should get hold of a book called "The Greatest Game"

There is a chapter called "Land of Dreams Come True" by Gerald Murnane.
Gerald tells of how, as a child, he had a collection of coloured cards of VFA and VFA teams.
He imagined, from the club colours, what each of the suburbs would look like.

His favourites were Oakleigh,the colours of a Violet Crumble bar, and Northcote he imagined as a place of green paddocks and wattle in bloom.

Then, as an adult with small children, he saw in the paper that Northcote were playing Camberwell that day and decided to take them.

And what did he see? A wattle tree in the outer, and over the fence the green grass and trees around the Merri Creek.

They then followed Nothcote for many years.

He goes on talk of matches with Oakleigh, Camberwell and Northcote, and tells of Colin Hobbs escorting his sons off the through the race after they had been abusing the Oakleigh players

It is beautifully written. I get a bit weepy every time I read it. Not sure why!


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Naturally every football follower reckons their own team (Sandy ,Gold, Black and Blue) are the best so it's really a mater of chose.
One club has the Aussie Green and Gold stripes was a ex-Goosey club Dromana .
And yes George, Garfield was the home of that top goal kicker Frosty Miller.