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[quote=zebraman]I wonder what that means in terms of delay time??...are we talking weeks...months?[/quote]

I'd say years.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Port Phillip Leader - EDITORIAL
Editor: Natalie White
Phone: 9875 8333

Port Phillip weekly
Chief of Staff - News
name: Christie Peucker
t: (03) 8667 4700
f: 1300 305 856

City of Port Phillip Council

State Member for Albert Park

Mark Lopez (Liberal Candidate) Albert Park
Mobile: 0419 310 958

Federal Member for Melbourne Ports (ALP)

Kevin Ekendahl for Melbourne Ports (LIB)

Who else should be added?


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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I didn't muck around I emailed the Mayor of Port Phillip Council and received a reply thanking me for my email concernimg delays in the Port Melbourne Football Club Building development. It was stated to me as what I recall in the article in the Port Phillip Leader a few weeks back that the cost of the project was quoted more by the tenders than what money that had been allocated for the development.It is a joint venture by the Port Melbourne Football Club,the Port Phillip Council,AFL Victoria and the state government in which was from the former labor government of Victoria so there won't be any more granted by the liberal's led by Toffy Ted.So it is back to the drawing board to revise the plans for the development to come within the money allocated.According to the representive from the council that contacted me that all parties plus council and Port Melbourne Football Club agreed that they could not go ahead with the original plans and revise the project to the $4.7 Million allocated.It was explained that this all takes time to do so I would not hold my breath. So can we believe what councils tell you or do I trust my football club what we were told on Sunday's AGM.I will leave it to you other poster's and Port Melbourne supporter's to make up your mind as I know what I believe as I have had dealings with my local council of Wyndham and don't trust them.Only thing they did look after Werribee Football Club with part of my rates that I pay every year!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Borough! 2011

Hopefully I see the development before I DIE

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The change of Government is sure having an effect on the VFL..particularly North Ballarat and Port...

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Our problem started with the council years ago. Its just not the government holding us back. All the work is contracted out to other companys such as Citywide. Makes life very difficult.

Even Cricket at port has big problems...Citywide is curating a dozen different ovals in the area and dont have the time to prepare decent wickets. They spend about an hour or so on the centre wicket and 10 or so minutes on the training decks. I havnt batted on a decent training wicket at Port since the 90s..

As someone who played at Port as a kid I remember we had a our own curater who used to live at the ground and the wickets were some of the best in Victoria. He used to take an esky out on the ground at night and have a few beers and wait just incase it rained. Thats the effort that used to be put in. Until all this rubbish happened at the council.

Yet there are guys at the club who are qualified turf managers but arnt allowed to do any work on the oval or help out due to the contract. Not even as a volunteer....

But back to the development, we need this to go a head asap and catch up with the times. This could set us up for another 100 years and thats no exageration. For so many reasons this must happen!!!

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thank God our development was signed off before the change of government, we had Steve Bracks pushing our barrow which helps, i wish The Borough well & look forward to having a frosty in the new social rooms one day soon ....

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I've written a letter to the City of Port Phillip council, which I have sent it off I will post a copy of the letter here.

Additionally, I will also modify it slightly for sending in to the media contacts listed in the earlier post. Bobbyborough has forwarded his on, has anyone else sent something in?


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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I submitted a letter to the council regarding my concerns for North Port / TEAC Oval.

Dear Mayor Rachel Powning,

I am writing to you regarding the delay in commencing the long overdue redevelopment of North Port Oval, Port Melbourne. The redevelopment comprising the new building on Williamstown Road, and the upgrade of the Norm Goss Stand will be the first major work on the ground in over half a century. The works are necessary to help bring the oval up to a modern standard, by improving facilities for all, particularly those with special needs such as the elderly and the disabled.

The redevelopment is not only a direct benefit to the iconic Port Melbourne Football Club and the Port Melbourne Cricket Club, but to the wider community as it will help bring a valuable council asset up to a modern standard. The new Williamstown Road structure will function as an important multi-purpose building at the ground suitable for hosting such events such as community meetings to accommodating elite sport in the City of Port Phillip and will form an important part of the ‘Events Management Strategy’ outlined by the council for the Port Melbourne area.

If the council is committed to facilitating opportunities for people in the community with disabilities in line with JCAAA guidelines, then the redevelopment must proceed. Important features of the redevelopment of North Port Oval include improved access and viewing positions through with lifts in both the new structure and the upgrades to the existing Grandstand. Enclosed areas in the new structure which look out onto the ground provide better facilities for both the elderly and disabled in the community.

The ‘Tom Lahiff Cup’ is a junior football competition in which local primary schools participate. The redevelopment would help to promote the councils ‘Youth Development Strategy’, with facilities to better cater for this and other events, with a fully equipped kitchen facility and modern change rooms.

Additionally, the redevelopment of the oval will help to attract more people to the area, promoting the ‘Active and Creative Framework’ policy while providing a direct benefit to local trade. People visiting the ground from outside the municipality will stop for possibly something as simple as fuel or food, or may choose to stroll along Bay St before heading off to the football on a Saturday afternoon.

I urge the council to reconsider their decision to the delay the commencement of works on the development of North Port Oval. The new facilities provide important improvements necessary for football and cricket, while providing a valuable multi-role asset to the community, which, will help provide better access for all who attend the Oval.

Yours Sincerely,[/quote]


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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An excellent, and well scripted letter i must add

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[quote=fc]An excellent, and well scripted letter i must add[/quote]

You're in the wrong game Northport. Well done.
You could take up from Howard Leigh if or when he decides to put the tape recorder in the rack !!!

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