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[quote=vfa]Went to Coburg to watch the roosters crush them. Coburg City Oval has great viewing space all over the ground. The terraces in the outer are good. Agree with CUB that this venue could be made into a Grand Final venue if they spent the $$$.
At least they should have played the second week of finals there rather than Casey Fields. Coburg is pretty central with either the North Coburg tram down Elizabeth Street from town or train to Coburg. Any crowd from 5000 upwards you would good atmosphere during finals. Phil if you are listening out there get stuck into the council however hard it is. They did have second division finals in the late 60s at the City Oval. Of course the shinboners played home games in 1965 at Coburg which was a disaster.
The VFL has not many venues it can make them into Grand Final venues but I reckon Coburg would be one. They can easily turn it into a 15,000 venue. The Grandstand (half of it) must be fixed of course. Having yet another grand final at Ethihad Stadium alias Turd Dome ?? What would these clowns need a crowd of 4000 to say it is a no goer ? I give Coburg a tick for potential finals GF venue if they spend dollars and upgrade.[/quote]

Got everything going for it except decent changerooms.
Grandstand also needs to be restored to it's original glory. But who pays ???

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I think you are right there Brekky. The Women's FL GF is played there.


The old athletics stadium at Olympic Park would be the perfect finals venue if/when it is done up for Collingwood's training venue.


Yep thay could be an option if it comes up alright and they leave the stands in place.

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Northcote won a flag back in the 1920s at the old Motordrome which was the site for Olympic Park. It is just rubble at the moment but not sure what capacity it would hold there if it is only a training ground for Collingwood.
If it held 10,000 then it coulod be used fior lead up finals in the future. Punt Road probably a better option if it wasn't too narrow as with the new buildings and narrow space for spectators you might struggle to fit many in.
Casey Fields might not get too many especially if you have two teams from the other side of Melbourne. Imagine North Ballarat, Geelong or Bendigo playing there ?


A few of the Willy crew have been spruiking about a home final recently. Does anyone know where this could be? Whitten Oval maybe? I think Chirnside Park is hosting WRFL finals again.


Willy could get a home final at Williamstown.

Interestingly in the VFL record a couple of weeks ago it said Williamstown would have hosted Week 2 finals but uncertainly over the ground condition meant they went with the Casey option.

Chirnside Park at Werribee hosts WRFL finals but can bump the local games off if Werribee are to host a home final in week 1.

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it's a pity the Frankston grouns isn't available...the surface is as good as it gets for a ground this time of year...contrast that to Williamstowns ground....

Surely they should just leave the Willy ground alone for a few months and let the grass grow so it's ready for 2013

Having finals there just prolongs the mud heap that it is at the moment

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No finals at Point Gellibrand. For week one it depends on who plays who for the other two games in addition to North Port Oval.



Geelong v Bendigo at Casey Fields ????

They will attract 10,000 people to that ????

More like 250.


It wouldnt matter if Casey was playing at their desolate ground the crowd would still be very ordinary.

The days of the VFL getting half decent crowds to any of the finals apart from the GF are well over.

To save money and make the crowd a bit bigger they should seriously consider playing the first two weeks as double headers.