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How many times have we seen Werribee go missing for periods of the game? Great game of footy that for sure! If only Werribee could put together 4 quarters of football...

Im not sure what it is but when the opposition gets a couple of consecutive goals, the Tigers seem to freeze and allow big bags of goals to be kicked. And its not just against better teams, must be very frustrating for Scotty West.

In saying that I think we have the best 2 teams in the Grand Final.


Willi played them at Werribee early in the season and we were 4 goals down going into time on in the last & got up and won, amazing five mins of football but the 'Bees just stopped.

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Geelong played some great footy with the Big O dominant. Holden's two goals were amazing. Geelong deserved to win but saying that Werribee needed another 2 minutes and they would have won. Werribee goes to sleep in games and lacks discipline.
Will be a good game early next week but I think Geelong will finally run out of steam next week and the borough will finish all over them in the second half. That is as long as the cats do not get off to a flyer. From all the VFL Grand Finals they have had at turd dome (Ethihad Stadium) they might actually get 15,000 with Geelong playing Port. That is a big might but if they don't they never will.