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MegaA.....we ARE gone. A game plus a big chunk of percentage means we're two games out. Yes, mathematically we can do it, but we won't. If we play our very best footy over the remaining weeks, this is how I reckon we'll go....

Williamstown (A) Loss
Casey (H) Win
Northern Blues (H) Win
Essendon (A) Win
Sandringham (A) Win

Ok.....looking at it that way we CAN make it (lol), but I still don't think we will. We'll likely slip and lose any or all of those middle three. Not enough consistency or concentration in our team at the moment.

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I thought the rules were changed a couple of years ago so that scores were no longer wiped. Sheedy called for a count in the NAB cup and the rules (at least in the AFL) were modified.




Northport, it happened early in the third quarter....not sure of the exact circumstances, but from memory Frankston were awarded a free kick on the scoreboard side of the centre square....somebody (I assume the Roosters' captain) must have asked the umpire for a count. The players of both sides lined up next to each other and it was pretty obvious straight away that the Dolphs had 19 out there. There was a fair bit of confusion out there at that point clearly....until ultimately the free kick was awarded to North Ballarat, along with a 50 metre penalty. I had thought our score would be reset to zero, but the board remained the same. It was certainly the most bizarre moment I can remember in 40 years of following footy!


How was the reaction from the boys on the hill Cutter ??

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


AFL Victoria to make an announcement at 11am.

It is my understanding the score will be wiped

North Ballarat would win by 41pts

Frankston 1-2 5-8 1-1 3-5(23)
Nth Ballarat 3-4 3-5 8-10 9-10(64)

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I know how the dolphins feel as Northcote had their score wiped off in 1977 and ended up with 3.2.20 losing to Yarraville by plenty.

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In the AFL if a team has a extra player the umpire awards a free kick plus 50 metre penalty. Not sure if that is the same ruling in the VFL or other leagues or the old rule the team lose their score at the time of a count of players. Sounds like the interchange steward didn't do his job properly here.

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Bemused would be the answer to that one digs.....nobody really knew what to say in truth.

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One of the most bizarre incidents to happen in this comp for some years. It would have been gut-wrenching for the Dolphins if they had been leading comfortably.



bobbyborough, that was paid at the time, but then score wiped the following day. I think the VFL needs to sort it out, it should be one or the other, not a double penalty for the one infringement. Thankfully that double whammy didnt decide the result.

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Paul, what was the players reaction after the game. They would be spewing that they just failed to win but did they know that they might have their score wiped off when the game ended ?
Dolphins have been good with 3 wins and a narrow loss so they should respond and back themselves against all teams over the last 5 rounds.

Could be a grandstand finish for the bottom spot in the eight.