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The 1967 Port v Dandy VFA GF has around 40 minutes of footage.
KBs 400th was unfotunately a loss to the enemy but would have to be one of the biggest runthrough banners on record. My favourite spot at the old MCG was standing on the concrete behind the goals as well as the seats on the fence behind the goals at the old Ponsford stand.
With youtube and the internet a lot of old footage is starting to resurface. Stanga I reckon the most probable years to get hold of some old VFA games would be around the 1979/80/81 seasons. This is when the videos were starting to get a bit more frequent. Matter of finding some of the old games that were recorded by the diehards. So far around 8/10 games from those years are floating around.

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vfa CH 7 also televised the 1967 GF and quite often used to show parts of it on World of Sport on sundays.

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Freddie Cook had his segment on World Of Sport.
Billy do you remember the Sunday Observer had a sporting lift out called All Sport where they devoted several pages on the VFA in the early to mid 70s ?.

The publicity was far better back then. These days some channels (Channel 7 worst offender) would not spend five seconds giving scores.