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I posted this to the VFL facebook page:

[quote]Concerning that there will not be enough VFA knowledge and history of the comp. Yes Carmody is a former VFA/VFL player but his involvement is far more recent and we need callers who grew up following or playing in this great competition. Donegan and Cleary helped tie in the historical perspective. With Channel 7 calling this year, I am concerned that it very much look like 'reserves comp'. I urge AFL Victoria to return to the Victorian Football Association where these clubs first started. Give us back our history and a better branding identity. @aflvictoria[/quote]


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The whole appeal of the ABC coverage for me was that is so different from the AFL coverage. Donegan was professional, knowledgable and funny. Rosco stammering, struggling to remember players names. Phil, forthright, prepared to bag someone...and the ramblings of the old days. Loved it.

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[ have seen lists in tv guides for this Saturday----"12.00 Seven's VFL: Footscray v Box Hill" or similar. We don't watch Ch7 enough to see if any on-air promos.

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I believe Channel 7 aired a promo ad for the VFL during the last quarter of tonights game.


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I will tape game and watch replay. First time vfa/vfl for ch7 since 1967. Footscray unfurling flag back to back 1924 2014 vfa/vfl dogs fans should lap it up as they don't have much success and cupboard pretty bare



I believe Channel 7 aired a promo ad for the VFL during the last quarter of tonights game.


Bruce McAvaney had driven me into the rack well before that !!!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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1/2 time and so far I've enjoyed the coverage. No real complaints except maybe the ads but I'd rather have the VFL on TV with ads, than no coverage at all.
Good crowd at Whitten Oval

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years


Coverage was better than the ABC. Seemed to know their stuff worked well together. Thankfully gone are the days where we have to listen to a bumbling biased Ross Booth.
Got to say (and this has nothing to do with the coverage) whoever names the best players on the VFL site clearly has no idea. Mirra was clearly best on ground and he's not even in the top 6 best players listed.


What I saw of it was pretty good only fault I could pick was the the commentators after the game were in the shade = not a good look A bit of lighting wouldnt go astray CH 7

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did the commentators know the names of the players not on an AFL list?