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Game of the round for Round 19 would be the Coburg v Casey game fighting for a spot in the eight. Williamstown v Werribee would also be worthy of a televised match of the day.
Collingwood v Richmond game would be a waste of space. No impact whatsoever.
There has been some very ordinary choices for the televised game and the Round 19 ranks as one of them.


Indeed. I don't really care if it's AFL, VFA or aligned clubs on TV, as long as they're the best games that promote the competition. In their picks from R15-20, whoever chooses the games - the VFL, Ch7, production company or perhaps all three - has failed pretty badly in delivering that.

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Looking at the games below and ranking them from best to worst.
Coburg v Casey 1, Williamstown v Werribee 2, Essendon v Footscray 3, Sandringham v Geelong 4 and the other 3 games are way behind.

Essendon vs Footscray at Queen Elizabeth Oval,Bendigo 7:30pm
Collingwood vs Richmond at Victoria Park 10:16am (Channel 7 Delay 12pm)
Coburg vs Casey Scorpions at Piranha Park,Coburg 2pm
Northern Blues vs Box Hill Hawks at Preston 2pm(3WBC)
Port Melbourne vs Frankston at North Port Oval 2pm
Williamstown vs Werribee at Burbank Oval,Williamstown 2pm

Sandringham vs Geelong at Trevor Barker Oval,Sandringham 2pm(VFL Live,Casey Radio)


I was down in East Gippsland over the weekend and came back to the cabin to watch the last half of the Footscray v Port Melbourne. Good quality match. Wouldn't waste my time next weekend watching Collingwood v Richmond. Rather mow the lawn in the rain.


Pretty poor that a well supported team like Sandringham thats in the top 4 and will play finals gets one game for the entire season.

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Your not wrong Billy. Williamstown second on the ladder only featured twice and the zebras who have been great this year and are third on the ladder only once.
Werribee only once and they are still in the race for top four.
Yet Richmond who are terrible five times and Collingwood six.
Televise the games that means something and not Collingwood v Richmond in a useless clash that has no bearing whatsoever. You can bet your bottom dollar that if Essendon and Collingwood meet in the vfl finals seven will have that as their number one priority even though it might be sixth v seventh.

Channel 7 TV Games club by club (Rds 1-20)

6: Footscray

5: Collingwood,Richmond

4: Essendon,Port Melbourne

3: Box Hill,Geelong

2: Williamstown 2ND,Nth Blues

1: Casey,Coburg,Frankston,Nth Ballarat, Sandringham 3RD ,Werribee


I wonder what will happen post 2017? It looks like 7 won't have Saturday arvo footy any more. Probably not a good sign for the VFL.