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There was 21.16 scored at the Can Hill end with only 3.1 scored at the non scoring end.
Amazing game and bought back memories of the old VFA days with two longtime rivals pitted against each other. Seagulls withstood a strong zebra surge to fall in by 7 points. Williamstown players were more than happy and song sung with plenty of feeling and passion after the game.

Wally from Will...
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Willi certainly don't play like a team that is at odds with their coach, as has been alluded to. The scenes in the rooms after the game were of a very tight group.


The Zebras wasted the wind in the first quarter and will now have to kick at least 6 goals in the third and stop the Pies from scoring to have a chance Oh well the VFL and CH 7 will be wrapped if Collingwood win going by the best crowd Ive seen at North Port apart from GFs for a very longtime


Another heart stopping finish to do away with the Pies by 7 points I hope they dont give Hawthorn seconds a big start next week.

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Thank you Zebs. Love you guys! Had the rent money on...would have been kicked out of my house next week if Sandy lost
All the way can do it