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With Frankston if financial trouble and Sandy about to be absorbed by the Parasites this competion is loosing my interest.

Why does footy cost so much . 


Maybe a merger Roc ker ??

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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What happens if/when the Development League is scrapped?

any team in an alignment will surely go out of existence. How can you have a club with only maybe a maximum of say 10 players to fill in any gaps for AFL listed players.  

If it happens, the Sandy, Casey Scorpions ,Box Hill and Werribee will be curtains.

i fear a mass walkout at Sandy at the end of this season.  Players aren't going to stick around when St Kilda will have an unlimited amount of players available each week.  Next year we'll most probably get a few TAC cup players to make up the Development League. Only a lot of injuries at St Kilda will see any Sandy players in the seniors.

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

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St kilda are vultures. Blokes like trent dennis lane might head to frankston, port or a standalone vfl club. The odds of staying with the zebras are nil. Good point zebraman why would any player be part of a club that just plays afl players. The end of the reserves will finish off the sligned clubs. No hope of attracting vfl listed players. To play in what ? No spots available.

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An item to get the Sandy/St Kild deal discussion  back on the right post.


From Bayside  Leader 30th August 2016


ST Kilda Football Club has been given the green light to return to Moorabbin Reserve after Kingston Council approved a 50-year lease The council has given the Saints an almost $420,000 rates discount for the first 10 years at Linton St.

The lease, which is the maximum term permitted under the Local Government Act, will cost the club $819,050 — reduced from $1.24 million – during the first 10 years.

Although councillors Steve Staikos and Paul Peulich argued that St Kilda FC had not been a perfect tenant in the past, Mayor Tamsin Bearsley said “we are seeing a very different St Kilda”.

They know when they move onto council land it’s community land and they are treating it as such. They really are embracing Kingston as their home and league,” Cr Tamsin said.

Cr Bearsley said part of the reason the club received a hefty rates discount was because of maintenance costs. The Saints plan to develop a $29 million facility at the Linton St site. Kingston Council’s chief executive John Nevins said it was a “reasonable expectation” the club could get a good return on such a significant investment.

“St Kilda, under this lease, are required to do annual maintenance (of the oval and building), which will be audited by council,” Mr Nevins said. He said this was not part of the previous agreement. Despite the council’s concerns over pokies at the venue, Mr Nevins said they would continue to operate.

“In context, the poker machines have been there for many years and even under the existing arrangements they have still got about 28 years on that lease to run.”


Billy  & Clarry .. awaiting to your  comments smiley




So sad. I say this as a StKilda supporter (who supports, and will continue to support, Port in the VFL).

I can accept wearing saints jumpers as a clash strip against Richmond and Box Hill. They have to wear something else.

Games at Moorabin in stkilda colours? No development league? Why? why does Stkilda even want this?

The worry though for me is that out of the standalone clubs, Willy and Port are quite competitive (although Port is battling a bit) but the others seem to be struggling, and only compete for wins with each other, and Richmond and Carlton reserves.




Sorry,  double post.


In the past two years Coburg has also beaten Port, Footscray (twice), Werribee and Essendon, and gone very close to beating Port, Box Hill, Sandringham and Casey (twice), so I don't think they really fit your description.

In fact, the three functional stand alone clubs have a 90-72 home and away record over the past three years, so it is a pretty good period for the old VFA style clubs. Eg: Willi are the only club in the competition to make the prelim the past three years.


Ok slight exaggeration.


but I can't see Coburg winning a premiership. And if you're not in contention for ultimate honours, isn't it a bit hard to engage new fans?

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Is coburg closer to winning a flag than richmond vfl of carlton seconds ? Maybe. Coburg have been ok in the past few seasons. Dropped off a bit late in the season but ok overall. Fair chance of getting liam mcbean who is from the area and would be a great get. Coburg's achivement and aim should be on just getting to the finals for a starter. That would be great if they can achieve it in the next season or two. That should be a realistic target. Williamstown who overcome their poor effort against collingwood to beat sandy are back on track. I believe if they can beat casey on sunday they are a huge chance to go back to back for the first time since the late 50s. Casey are a decent side but the seagulls have a good record against them and a week off might not suit them. Casey and collingwood who have not their afl teams in finals might not necessarily be a good thing to have a bye. Wouldn't be a buzz for the west if the bulldogs knocked off hawthorn to advance to the preliminary final and both footscray and Willimstown win their preliminary finals.