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2012 - 2nd Qualifying Final - Port Melbourne vs. Geelong Cats

2nd Qualifying Final (ABC TV)
Port Melbourne vs. Geelong Cats
Sunday 2nd September
North Port Oval, Port Melbourne at 2:10 PM

Port Melbourne

B Sandilands Noonan Brewer
HB Hinkley Pleming M. Johnston
C Cain Baird Valenti
HF Dwyer Burstin Gale
F Bonaddio Galea Dillon
R Skipper Pinwill Wooffindin
Int Bentick Scipione Langford
Breust* Pitt J. Purcell
Wall O'Farrell C. Johnston

Geelong Cats

B Eardley Gillies Bews
HB Wojcinski McLean Guthrie
C Sheringham T. Selwood Byrnes
HF Simpkin M. Brown Burbury
F Schroder Walker Stringer
R Stephenson Horlin-Smith Hogan
Int Kersten Hollmer Gleeson
Hamling Bathie Sully*
Corrigan McCarthy Simpson

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Great to see Sam Dwyer back in the Port side. For Port its a strong side, no excuses can be made.

Geelong oooh boy.. On paper, this is giong to be a bloody good game. Geelong are every chance of beating Port at Port on Sunday.

21 degrees and could be a great VFL final.


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Interchange... I reckon Bentick Scipione Breust* Wall C. Johnston..

Anyone else willing to try and pick the bench?



This promises to be a cracking game and probably high scoring. Port's forward line looks a bit more potent than Geelongs but that wont count for much if they lose the midfield battle.
The last time these two sides met Port had trouble dealing with 2 of Geelongs ruckman who were well over 200cm. Stephenson is a good ruckman but wont have the back up of Simpson or Vardy looking at that line up.

Very interesting game and Im expecting the biggest crowd of the season easily. Cant wait for this clash!

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Finals footy.... Bring it on. I can't wait to taste September action at North Port. Hopefully the Geelong faithful make the trip and we get the biggest crowd of the season so far.



Should be a great game and I am settling down on the couch to watch the game on ABC TV. In my opinion todays winner will have one hand firmly on the 2012 Premiership Cup.

Tipping the Cats in an upset by 7 points - The BIG O to dominate !!!!


Was a great game and Port are now certainties to make the Grand Final and go "back to back". Will have no problems defeating either Williamstown or the Casey Scorpions in the Prelim Final.
Have won the Frosty Miller and will win the Liston tomorrow night !!!!Wont lose a Prelim at TEAC and with all their "injured " players getting through today, they better plan on writing another book about the 2012 season.

Slammin Sammy Says

What a great game of football.

Excellent coverage by abc tv


vanderhum who are injured for port ?

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Cmon Station... Sammy Dwyer, Toby Pinwill, Hinkley all had fitness tests to play today. Said as much on the ABC coberage as well.

I cant take many more of these games.. The pressure was unbelievable. I am at home watching the replay now and am up to half time. Great game from Geelong, they were clean and open the game up on a few occasions.

The weak off is greatly needed for Port and the supporters to try and de-stress!

Pretty good crowd too. I'd love to have seen a couple of thousand more, but it was a damn side better that the attendance at the Seagulls v Gold game.

Woofindin terrific in the first half. Scipione good in front of goals. Valenti copping knocks and still so solid.


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2012 Peter Jackson VFL

Port Melbourne 4.5 13.7 17.10 20.12 (132)
Geelong Cats 5.4 9.7 12.10 16.14 (110)

Port Melbourne: Galea 5 Pinwill 2 Breust 2 Valenti 2 Bentick 2 Scipione 2 Cain Burstin Pitt Wooffindin Skipper
Geelong Cats: Simpkin 4 Wojcinski 2 Byrnes 2 Walker Burbury Hogan Brown Bathie Schroder Guthrie Corrigan

Port Melbourne: Johnston Wooffindin Gale Baird Valenti Pinwill
Geelong Cats: Simpkin Wojcinski Schroder McLean Byrnes Horlin-Smith