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Foxtel Cup 1st Semi Final East Fremantle vs Werribee

The game is live on Fox Footy tonight from 8:30pm from Paterson's Stadium in Perth.

Winner of tonight's match to play winner of next week's West Adelaide vs Claremont Semi Final on Tuesday August 6.

Weather Forecast: Showers, Storms possible Max 20

Odds from
East Fremantle $2.75
Werribee $1.43
($1.90 Line is 13.5pts)

Live updates on this page during the game tonight

Backs: Scott Jansen Steven Dodd James Bayliss
Half Backs: Andrew Stephen Tom Howlett Jayden Schofield
Centres: Scott Hancock Mark McGough Brett Peake
Half Forwards: James Depane Richard Hadley Bradley Dick
Forwards: Ryan Lester-Smith Robert Young Jack Perham
Followers: Fraser MacDougall Mitch Boyle Rory O’Brien
Interchange: Samuel Read Aidan Tropiano Brad Cooper Louis Cronan
Emergencies: Alex Howson Adrian Ricciardello Rhys Cooyou

Backs: Scott McMahon Lachlan Fairley Jackson Davis
Half Backs: Michael Sodomaco Ayden Kennedy Sam Wright
Centres: Will Sierakowski Jordan Gysberts Ben Speight
Half Forwards: Kieren Harper Cameron Tudor Ben Warren
Forwards: Ben MckInley Majak Daw Addam Maric
Followers: Daniel Currie Tim McGennis Jye Bolton
Interchange: Ben Brown Robbie Hicks Jordan Keras Jack Purton Smith
Emergencies: Jared Moore Rob Castello Darcy Fort


2 hours until game time. Raining heavily currently 15 degrees. Looks like a pretty wet night in Perth.


Less than 30 mins until the game starts. Rain still falling.


Game is underway!!!!!

6 mins 1st Quarter
East Fremantle 1-0(6)
Werribee 0-0(0)


13 mins 1st Quarter
East Fremantle 3-0(18)
Werribee 0-2(2)


Quarter Time
East Fremantle 3-0(18)
Werribee 0-3(3)


6 mins 2nd Quarter
East Fremantle 3-2(20)
Werribee 1-3(9)


13 mins 2nd Quarter
East Fremantle 4-2(26)
Werribee 1-3(9)

Heavy rain falling!!!!!


Half Time
East Fremantle 6-2(38)
Werribee 1-3(9)

Cameron Tudor is Werribee's only goal kicker.

Hard to see Werribee coming back from here.


6 mins 3rd Quarter
East Fremantle 6-3(39)
Werribee 1-3(9)

Torrential rain and storms have hit the ground.


13 mins 3rd Quarter
East Fremantle 6-3(39)
Werribee 1-3(9)

Paterson's Stadium officially is a lake!!!!!!!