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There goes another, sad to see and obviously not suprised, its just a matter of time before its the afl 2s comp


A couple of years should see the current pathetic VFL (sic) become an almost full blown AFL reserves comp.

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Preston in drag carlton seconds and now springvale in drag Melbourne seconds. These afl clubs should be made to pay full licence fees. Preston are about as active as brighton penguins !!! Will not be supporting melbourne or carlton seconds in anything and hope they have borh miserable seasons.

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Just curious - their used to a AFL 2nds comp that folded. What was the reason that the copetition disolved ? The way it looks this competition is heading towards becoming a AFL ressies comp again. Has something changed over the years that will see a AFL 2nds comp survive this time round ? What has changed that will see a AFL 2nds comp be succesfull in this current day and age ?

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Two factors in the late 1980s and early 1990s led to the end of this traditional arrangement in Victoria. Firstly, the Victorian Football League expanded interstate to become the Australian Football League, and some of the clubs from interstate were unwilling to participate in the minor grades. Secondly, the AFL Draft (first held in 1986) was gradually replacing zoning as the primary means of recruitment to the national league, so the developmental continuity between the under-19, reserves and senior grades had lost its purpose. As a result, the AFL relinquished direct control of the Victorian reserves and junior grades at the end of 1991. The change for the under-19s grade was significant: it was replaced by the TAC Cup, and the AFL clubs' under-19s teams were discarded entirely in favour of new, independent, zone-based under-18s clubs. The change to the reserves league was mostly administrative: it became known as and was governed by the Victorian State Football League, but it was otherwise identical to the former VFL/AFL reserves and is considered a direct continuation.


It will interesting to see what AFL Vic want in the SouthEast, my feel is that they will want a complete breakaway from Frankston and will do all they can to drop the Frankston-Dolphins name.


All may be not lost for Sandringham. They are making some very good positive steps towards standing alone again. 

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Hope your right kh. Could not stand another team to be gobbled up like preston, springvale and box hill. St kilda are perennial losers with one flag in a million years.

Slammin Sammy Says

Thiis may have been answered before but I don't understand why VFA clubs don't go to local leagues rather than merge with an AFL club.

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Sammy .. you have given Billy a free kick