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Development League Gone

According to Paul Amy on Twitter the Development League will cease at the end of this year

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From Twitter


Game almost certainly over for VFL Development League.AFL Vic officials to recommend to the board that it cease at end of 2017.

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

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So unless Sandy, Box Hill, Casey and Northern Blues go stand alone, then it would most likely be the end of the road for these clubs

a sad day indeed. A lot of history will disappear if these clubs go and goodness knows what shape or form the competition will be in next year 

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years


Pretty sad but not unexpected

As I have said many times why dont the Sandrinham board while they still run the club?opt to leave the disfunctional VFL(sic) and join a lesser league and keep the club intact otherwise here come the 100% St kilda seconds in 2018 using Sandringahm Council owned TBBO facilities for free

Once Morrabbin oval is fixed the Saints dont really need Sandy at all and will most likely run their own reserves team anyway

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Imagine Sandringham, box hill, casey and northern blues next season. Will training exist to accommodate a handful of players ? The majority of players would train with the afl squad as they would be vying for selection or in the mix. This would have to rank as one of the most disgraceful decisions in football. Then what would you expect from afl who run everything.

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This will have huge implications for the aligned sides.

I'm not sure what arrangements Box Hill, Casey and the Northern Blues have, but as far as I'm aware if either Sandy or St Kilda want to end the alignment, then 12 months notice has to be given by either party.

Given that we're nearly into August, then any notice being given would be for season 2019. 

Which presents the problem of what happens in 2018?

Will Moorabbin be ready for a stand alone St Kilda team?  Are St Kilda ready to field a stand alone team?

Worst case scenario is Sandy and potentially the other aligned teams go out of existence

Sandy simply have to go stand alone. But some sort of agreement has to be reached with St Kilda for that to happen for season 2018. If St Kilda aren't ready to go stand alone and aren't prepared to budge on the 12 months notice scenario then I don't know what can be done for Sandy to survive. 

I fear for the future of Sandy and the VFL competition and I wish I had a solution 

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

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Looks like this is the beginning of the end. As Vfa and others said, what happens to the aligned clubs ? How many players will they need other than their afl counterparts 10 ? Are they going to run training for barely a dozen players? So from next year we will have

And fingers crossed Frankston and Ballarat
All the rest will be Afl 2nds clubs - the alignments more so than they were in the past.

Disappointing day for those that support the league. As zebraman said, the time for the alignments to break away is now - otherwise you will cease to exist anyway, fight for your survival now, you have nothing to lose.

37 times Grand finalists
16 times premiers
21 times runners up - THE MIGHTY BOROUGH!

I'LL BE PORT UNTIL I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Also impacts all the local clubs who will have more changes every week and the selection table would be a nightmare. How on earth will Sandringham, Northern Blues, Casey and Box Hill conduct proper training and what kind of team would you get when they will pluck players out of local leagues on a weekly basis to plug gaps. Even worse if they have a run of injuries.


The ACB would be wrapped. 


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The vfl comp in its current format might last one or two more years and then they will revert to afl reserves with just afl teams. Writing on the wall. Will happen especially with grim reaper at the helm. I would never ever follow an afl reserves comp with no original vfa teams. A comp without willy, port, sandy, frankston, coburg, werribee etc they can stick it. I would rather watch a stalemate in a game of chess than follow just plain afl reserves comp. Very sad day today and one of the worst decisions ever for football in victoria.


Like I daid go back to a local league and keep the club intact and its history.Thr VFL (sic) was a bastard of an idea all along and a neat vehicle to get rid of the last semblences of the VFA.The father of all the current Victorian AFL clubs.

It has taked a long time to kill the VFA but the VFL/AFL have at last achieved the aim.

Do he sporting media or the football public give a toss who wins the VFL flag NO!You only have look at this site with a handfull of contributors to see nearly all ex VFA fans have given up on the VFL a long time ago.